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July 30, 2021

10 Skills You Need To Become A Full-Stack Marketer

Hey world -

It's been a while since I've written an actual post on marketing, so here's one I wrote late last night. Enjoy ✌️

So you want to become a full-stack marketer? Hell yes! I fully back this. It is something I truly love and think that if the below skills interest you, you might just fall in love with it too. Here are the 10 skills I think you need to become a full-stack marketer.

Yes, I know, the marketer in me is showing by using a "numbered list" in the title of this blog post.

I'm not trying to sell you anything, so don't worry -- this isn't just some lead gen bullshit that is SEO optimized to get you into my funnel. This is just me writing to write and being helpful (if you can call it that) if I can.

As with most of my blog posts, the germination of the idea begins with a question that was asked to me on Twitter.

  1. Marketing Foundation Skills
  2. Paid Digital Advertising
  3. SEO 
  4. Funnel Design
  5. Website Design and Development (Wordpress or Webflow)
  6. Media Editing (Graphic, Video, Audio)
  7. Copywriting
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Data Analysis and Reporting
  10. The balls and intelligence to experiment and iterate

1. Marketing Foundation Skills
You have to crawl before you can sprint. Learn the basics of branding, positioning, call-to-action, behavioral psychology, and a little bit of the history of marketing.

Three books I always recommend are Confessions of an Advertising Man, Play Bigger, and the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing.

2. Paid Digital Advertising
Building something cool doesn't matter if people don't know about it. Start learning paid digital advertising and the 2 main tactics you want to achieve with them: awareness and conversion/lead gen.

Obviously the key players in this are Facebook/Instagram, Google, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Also check out Snap, TikTok, and Twitter ads. Those are the main ones though.

There is SOO much valuable information on YouTube to learn how to do these things. Put your learning hat on and go watch some tutorials and then experiment.

3. SEO
Search Engine Optimization. It's hard. It's constantly changing. It's extremely nerdy. But it's got to be done.

SEO is never going away. Set yourself up for success by helping your business (or clients) become more discoverable to ranking higher on search based intent queries.

Don't go out and get a bunch of tools to start - even though you'll hear a lot of recommendations. Start with free Google tools and go from there.

4. Funnel Design
What is a funnel? I'm glad you asked. It's the journey that you send your targeted audience through to complete your desired action.

For example: let's say you want to generate leads for a client. So you create an eBook, start running an ad with the offer of a free download in exchange for an email, they use gets the eBook and you've captured a lead which you can up-sell to a paid product through a variety of marketing methodologies.

It sounds more complicated than it is. But start learning funnels! My buddy Jim Huffman created a great funnel breakdown site which you can view here

Also, here is a simple funnel visualization map that you might dig -->

Alex Medick Funnel Example - 10 Skills For Full Stack Marketing Blog.png

5. Website Design and Dev
Start learning to build websites! It's a great add-on offering for Full-Stack Marketers and really helps you learn more about user experience and user intuitive action with your campaigns. Whether you're building full websites or just quick landing pages, you're going to want to know this skill.

I'm a big user of Wordpress + Elementor. But I know a lot of folks also use Webflow and rave about it.

6. Media Editing
You don't have to be great, but you have to start learning and conquering content creation. Whether it's static images, videos, podcasts, blogs... you have to start creating and getting better.

Don't beat yourself up trying to learn the hardest tools on the planet when you get started. Tools like Canva and InVideo are gold to get going.

7. Copywriting
Learn to write. Learn to WRITE. LEARN TO WRITE. Copywriting is essential. I'm still working on it constantly so I can master the art of language that grabs attention, hooks, and persuades users to do my evil digital marketing bidding.

Hell, that's really why this blog is here. I'm practicing writing. Forming a habit and constantly improving.

Learn to write better. The end. 

8. Email Marketing
Have 1,000 followers on Instagram? That's cool. Instagram shuts down tomorrow. How do you reach all of those followers?

Trick question. You don't!

Emails are gold. Capture emails and marketing to them accordingly. Email marketing is your chance to have a direct conversation and form a direct relationship with your potential customer. Learn it, live it, love it.

It's not easy (there are loads of ant-spam rules). But it's gotta be done.

In the words of Robert Evans, famed Head of Paramount Pictures, "If you own it, you are king. If you don't, you're just another peon."

9. Data Analysis and Reporting
Data data data, data everywhere. There is so much data out there, it's insane. Start learning Google Analytics and start making sense of your data. Learn where traffic comes from, what your conversion rates are, what your CAC is, etc.

There's a lot of data and it's important to know what it means and how to correlates to actions you need to take to optimize your campaigns and marketing efforts.

10. The Balls To Test and Iterate
I wish someone told me this when I dove deep into the modern-marketing rabbit hole.  You are going to fail. You are going to fail A LOT. There is no perfect system or silver bullet. Not every campaign will be a winner. Not every move will be the right one.

You're a modern-day marketing, dammit. All your doing is making a hypothesis based on the knowledge at hand and testing that out. if it works, great! Double down on that. If it doesn't, chalk that up to the 'ol lesson learned list and move on.

Modern marketing involves a lot, and I mean A LOT, of experimentation and testing.

Don't be afraid to fail. Test, Iterate, and onto the next.


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