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August 15, 2021

20 Lessons from Blake Mycoskie

I've been a fan of TOMS shoes for quite some time now.  I actually have a bit of a staple daily uniform: white t-shirt, Levis jeans, and TOMS shoes. It's been that way for about 7 or 8 years I guess. Why do I have a staple uniform? Well, that's another blog post.

But for this, I want to focus on the TOMS founder, Blake Mycoskie. He's been an inspiration to me ever since I first heard him speak about his drive and the TOMS mission on a YouTube video he created when they were first launching their product.

When I eventually got around to reading his book, Start Something That Matters, I wrote down key takeaways that I found relevant for my entrepreneurial journey. 

These are lessons I like to revisit from time-to-time to remind myself of value and advice that I aim to hold true. 

Alright, let's go --

  1. No matter how convenient others forms of communication are, nothing beats showing up in person 
  2. The story matters - stories resonate more than facts
  3. People want to connect and be a part of a good story. People want to be a part of purpose 
  4. Fear is inevitable, so face it, be aware of it, and take the leap
  5. Simplicity is a core goal in enterprises 
  6. Giving may be the best investment you ever make
  7. Employees and customers come and go.. supporters are with you for the long haul
  8. Win, lose or draw, life goes on
  9. No one will ever be an expert. You just have to do your best. If you don’t start until you continuously study to know everything, you’ll never stop studying, and you’ll never start.
  10. Don’t worry about what others think.
  11. Live your story
  12. Have enthusiastic people around you
  13. Start small. Little steps each day add to a large impact 
  14. The timing will never be right, so stop waiting. 
  15. Imagination is more important than knowledge
  16. Be resourceful without resources
  17. Embrace simplicity
  18. Trust and respect are a core part of culture
  19. Use interns and give them a real job, on the front lines. Interns are people too, and they’ll be sure to surprise you with quality work
  20. To know that one life has been made better because you lived, that is success

Also, in Blake's book, he asks this question that I think everyone should answer:

If you did not have to worry about money, what would you do with your time? What kind of work would you want to do? What cause would you serve?


I hope you enjoyed this little blog. Whenever I read an autobiography, I write down quotes that I dig. Maybe I'll share a few more in the future if everyone is into it.

Until next time...


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