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March 23, 2021

8 Simple Steps to Achieve Hyper-Focus

I'm a continuous self-improver and life experimenter. Some might say, "that's awesome! I I wish I had that determination!" It drives me wild when people say that, because I see it differently. To get real for a moment, I have a constant fear of not being good enough - I'm sure some psychologist would try and bring that back to my childhood. But fuck that, we're not going down that road. ANYWAY...

With that constant fear, I am on the forever-continued quest to be my best self, learn more, act better, and try and be limitless.

It's hard. It's unrealistic. But hell, I'm going for it.

In my readings for optimizing my day, which started with a new daily routine, I then turned my sights towards optimizing my work day to get more done and not spend hours in front of my computer each day just working away behind the keys.

I found an article called the Hyper-Focused Checklist. If I knew where I found it, I'd tell you and link to the article like the good and kind-hearted digital marketer that I am. But alas, I read it when I was drinking a bottle of red wine and scribbled these notes in my notebook that I keep next on my nightstand.

When I woke up and read my notes, I though they weren't half bad, so I'm here to share them with all of you lovely readers.

Are you ready to maximize your efficiency and become hyper-focused? I am dammit, so let's dive in!

The Hyper-Focused Checklist to Enhance Your Focus and Workflow

1. Remove your phone from eyesight - put it in a drawer or in another room
2. Keep a clean workstation - ditch the clutter
3. Drink A LOT of water each day
4. Avoid gobbling down carbs before dinner - try and keep a high-protein, low carb diet
5. Put on some non-vocal music in the background
6. Be comfortable in your clothes - don't rock sweats or a blanket all day, but be relaxed.
7. Get a good office chair - keep the back pain to a minimum
8. Work in a secluded area - don't make your work area the same spot as your lounging area

Okay, okay. I know. Those seem like the most simple steps on the planet. But you'd be surprised how many people don't take these little actions.

The biggest step on this list that I have a hard time with is step 1 - removing your phone. Fuck, I think I'm addicted to checking Twitter on my phone. So lately, I've been keeping it in my top-desk drawer in my home office.

Don't have a home office? No worries! Put the phone upside down on a counter on the other side of the room.

Also, the secluded area helps A LOT. I've tried working in the kitchen or on the couch while my family does their thing, but I get so distracted it's nearly impossible to work effectively. So I hijacked a spare room as my home office. I know not everyone has the luxury, so do your best to find seclusion.

Definitely, DO NOT have the spot where you watch TV and crack open a beer at night be the same spot where your work though. Trust me - after a while, you'll snap saying, "why am I always in this same 3 square feet?" Insanity will incur. It will not be good.

Alright, I'm not here to preach. I'm here to help and pass knowledge I've obtained forward.

Go read the steps above. Write them down. Follow them. Then email me and let me know if they helped or not!


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