Alex Medick

May 23, 2022

Build products with a stance and point of view 🎭

The other day, my flight from LAX to LAS was delayed a few hours. To kill some time, I took to twitter and opened up an AMA. 

That’s when this great question came my way:

Product before branding or visa versa?

As someone that does both marketing and product, I thought this was a particularly interesting question. 

To me, it’s not a matter of one or the other. I think your branding has to be built into your product.
When building your product, you need a point of view. You need a stance. A stance that makes people instantly recognize that this is something unique and not just another me-too product. 
Build your voice and tone into the product.

Have a stance. 

Don’t just have the same features that everyone else has and hope that logos and colors cover branding.

That’s a lazy way of doing things.

Make choices. Be Bold.

When a user comes to this product you built, they should either be fully in or fully out. If you leave people in the middle of the road, they won’t be an advocate or paying customer for what you’ve built.

And who the hell wants to be a middle of the road person?
I don’t.

Follow the ABC’s of product development: Be Adventurous. Be Bold. Be Creative.

Okay, I might have just made up those ABC’s right now. If I did, trademarking it.
Wrapping up and the TL;DR version. Don’t be boring. Take a stance. Have a point of view with what you’re building. Sure, you might deter some users from liking what you’ve done, but you’ll get the bonus of having some users LOVE what you’ve done and advocate for you while you continue to grow and build. 


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