Alex Medick

December 29, 2021

Discovering My Zone of Genius

Recently, I've been diving into the the 4 Zones of Being. It's been a total trip to go down this rabbit hole,  look inwards, and discovering what is my "Zone of Genius." After a few practices and internal discovery, I think I've really narrowed down what gives me zen and energizes me at work and life though.

First off, what the hell are the 4 Zones of Being? Theres the...

1. Zone of Incompetence
2. Zone of Competence
3. Zone of Excellence
4. Zone of Genius

We should all strive to find our Genius. Once we unlock that, we are able to maximize our contributions to whatever is we go after in life. 

Let's break down those zones. 

The Four Zones of Being

Zone of Incompetence

What don't like doing? What do you just flat out struggle with? The Zone of Incompetence is where you are forcing yourself to get things done because they just don't connect with you. You'll be bored AF in this zone and will probably make a ton of sloppy mistakes. Why? Because in this zone, you don't care enough. No shame in it. It is what it is. We all have this zone. What's important is to figure out what this zone is for you.

Zone of Competence

This zone is where you are tossed in the mix of doing things you are good at, but also contains elements of what you aren't good at. It is where you do things that you can absolutely do, it's just a little more draining than you want it to be. If you could bail on tasks in the Zone of Competence, you absolutely would.

Zone of Excellence

You are doing great here. You are doing things you're great at. Yeah, it may take a lot of effort and take a lot of time, but at least you like what you're doing. Even though you are great at the tasks at hand, you can tell you're on the road to burnout. You can tell, eventually, you'll just be drained.

Zone of Genius

The Zone of Genius is where it's at - you're creative, energetic, and you're feeling zen. When you're working in your zone of genius, time flies by because you are so into what you're doing. Hours disappear because you're in it and don't want to leave it. When you've unlocked your Genius, you're feeling fulfilled and love that you're creating maximum value. 

This is the G Spot of mental states we should all strive for. Did I just say G Spot? Yes, yes I did. 

What's My Zone of Genius?

It took some inner reflections and a lot of trial and errors to discover what my Genius is. For me, I’m a great evangelist, story teller, and idea guy. I can inspire and motivate others. I can sell them on the vision and help them work towards getting there. 

I think about this quote which I believe encompasses my Genius:

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.’ - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I can inspire others to yearn for the sea. 

I can fundraise, talk to anyone in the room, go for sales, and well, riff like a motherfucker. Kind of like I do in these blog posts. 

That's my Zone of Genius. That is what brings me energy and zen. 

My Questions For you

If you really think about it, what's your Zone of Genius? 

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