Alex Medick

December 20, 2022

Happy Holidays and all that jazz 🎉

Hey all - 

I just wanted to take a moment to say happy holidays! I hope you all had a fantastic 2022 and are ready to keep that positive momentum going into the new year. 

I didn’t really set any major aspirations or resolutions for 2023. I guess I’ve just really set some good habits and momentum this year, so I want to keep aiming to be 1% every day and just do the work. 

How about you? What are you working to make happen in the new year? 

2023…. What a trip. 

Happy holidays, happy new year, and looking forward to another year of connecting with you every week in your inbox 📧

ps - if you haven’t watched it yet, the yin and yang of gerry lopez documentary came out on youtube for free with no ads because patagonia (who produced it) is a killer company! highly recommend 👉 

pps – did you know that I wrote 66 blog posts this year? yeah, neither did i. but hey, if you want to check out the nonsense i spilled onto the web, the links are below. 

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