Alex Medick

December 29, 2021

Hey Marketers, Don't Be Afraid To Fail

Hey Marketers - Don't be afraid to fail. Do you know what the GrowthHackers slogan is? It's "A Culture of Experimentation." I love that slogan. It perfectly embodies what our careers are all about. And that's exactly what modern day growth marketing is. Experimentation.

Do you know what happens with experiments? A lot of experiments fail!

If you're not failing, you're not learning.

I once heard a growth hacker say (I can't remember who exactly said it or else I'd give credit), that 88% of marketing experiments fail.

88%! 🤯 That's a staggering percentage.

But all failure isn't loss. it's a chance to learn. Failing is a chance to find key takeaways that help you iterate and grow.

As my friend Craig Zingerline, CEO of GrowthUniversity, once told me, "you have to have some tough skin to be a modern marketer."

Ain't that the truth? 

When I first got hired at, I was scared shitless of failing and embarrassing myself in front of our CEO, who I idolize. That lead to analysis paralysis and got me nowhere fast. 

I had to shake off the nerves of failing and remember that it's just part of the game. Marketing is just a big game of placing bets, after all. 

There is no perfect playbook for growth marketing. There is just taking all of your knowledge, data collected, and intuition, wrapping it into an experiment, and seeing if that experiment works. If it doesn't work, fine. Review and iterate. If it does work, scale and replicate. 

The two biggest mistakes you can make is having a low testing velocity and measuring the wrong data. Outside of that, it's all part of the learning and growth process. 

Now my friends, go out there and experiment, market, and grow! 

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