Alex Medick

August 26, 2022

How I'm Forming New Habits

Every December was the same – I’d sit down and write my list of habits that I wants to change in the new year. 

Did I keep 99.9% of them? Of course I fucking didn’t. 

But why? Why would I want to form a new habit but not keep it?

We all do this. Everyone reading this knows what I’m talking about. After all, approximately 91% of people that make new year resolutions will abandon them by the end of February. 

This statistic is fascinating to me. 

Let me expand – fascinating and super mind blowing! 

I wanted to learn more. So I dove into the art of forming new habits. 

I tried a bunch of different methodologies out there, but I finally found one that worked for me. And now I’m using this to form, and KEEP, new habits. 

It’s creating a form of gamification for your habits; making and keeping streaks. Almost like a competition, but the only person you’re competing with is yourself. 

Okay, let me go into the step-by-step of what I did.

Step 1

I chose 5 habits that were actionable, attainable, and realistic. For me, those 5 habits are:

  1. No alcohol
  2. Wake up water
  3. Daily meditation
  4. Daily gratitude journal
  5. Daily exercise. 

Why 5? Good question. 5 is a solid number. It’s not too much, it’s not too little. It’s easy enough to commit too.

Step 2

I heard about this app from Justin Kan called KIN HABITS. What it does is add gamification to your habit tracking, while also incorporating a community aspect.

If there’s something I’ve learned from self-improvement over the last year, it’s the power of having a like-minded community by your side. Not only does it give you people to talk too about what’s going on and keep you motivated, but it also makes you feel not so alone and isolated in your journey – which is dope AF.

Step 3

I took things one day at a time. I started competing with myself not to let the streaks go back to one. 
Yes, I missed a goal yesterday and it’s so damn annoying to see all of my habits at the 60+ counting streak and the exercise goal at 1. It’s driving me bananas – but that’s a good thing. That’s the point of this. 

Closing Thoughts

If you’re out there trying to think of a way to form better habits, give the method laid out a try. Once you feel you’ve conquered that, add a little more to your plate. 

Don’t overdo things though. And also, be kind to yourself. This about progress, not perfection. So if you miss a day due to life or something chaotic happened, no stress. It is what it is. Start over again the next day and try to beat your previous tracking score. 

If you want to add me on Kin Habits, feel free. My user name is AJM. 

Good luck on your journey to a better you! You’ve got this. 

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