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March 4, 2021

I'm feeling burnt-out.

Today, I was talking with Inside's Managing Editor, Liam Gill, about burnout.  I've been working 60+ hour weeks the last few weeks.  With that, I have had little family time and little sleep (yes, my wife is a champ for keep the whole world together while I was deep into work on Inside, VegasGameTesters, and Kuppy). To be blunt, now I'm feeling burnt-out as fuck and not working at my optimal level because of this. 

Before you continue reading, if you're looking for a solution for your burnout, this ain't the blog for you. I'm about to share some of the ways I'm feeling so maybe if you feel the same way, you won't feel so alone about it (damn't that's a lot of feelings going on in that sentence). OR, you'll realize that I'm completely fucked and your burnout isn't all that bad. 

Either way, here's what going on with me. 

  • I'm feel unmotivated.
  • I'm feeling constantly tired, but can't fall asleep because I can't turn my brain off. 
  • Meditating kinda helps, but sleep and exercise are needed more. 
  • I'm irritable... More than usual at least. 
  • Anything outside of work is annoying because it feels like a nuisance rather than a personal life thing. 
  • I'm not feeling creative. 
  • I'm not feeling fun. 
  • I'm having wicked mid-day crashes of energy.
  • I'm not my best self. 

Yes, yes, I can fake all of the above for so long to make it through the day so no one is the wiser, but that's how I'm feeling inside with all of this burnout and well, that's not good.

It's downright fucked up to be honest.

So changes need to be made. Maybe I need to take a few days off?

All I know is rest, slowing my mind, and a little bit of fun will solve my current slump.

Okay, that's the post. You now know the burnout I'm feeling. Fear not, I'll find a way to get out of this and back in action. Bring the motivation into my life.

But first, a reset. And maybe a re-read of It Doesn't Have To Be Crazy At Work


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PS - this blog was originally posted on my website, but I'm super interested in HEY World and wanted to test this out too! 

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