Alex Medick

January 25, 2023

Is there a better way?

Today during my Inside Coffee Break for entrepreneurs, I mentioned that I was starting a book club in February if anyone would like to join along for that too.

One Coffee Break attendee quickly joked, “Entrepreneurs have time to read?”

He laughed. We all laughed. I let the thought pass through without a hesitation.

As the day went on though, that joke kept coming back to me.

The view of entrepreneurs are that we are so busy, we don’t even have time to read. Hustle culture and the 2010s-2020’s bull run has our brains wired a little more chaotic than they should be.

Does the life of an entrepreneur really have to be that way? Work so hard you can’t read. Raise so much money you scale to infinity or burn down in flames.

There has to be a better way to succeed as an entrepreneur. There has to be a better model of what being a successful entrepreneur can look like.

There is a better way out there… I know it.


ps: if you dig this email, feel free to forward to a friend. i'm going to start building in public a lot more in 2023. so be on the lookout for that. 

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