Alex Medick

November 11, 2022

Is Twitter really imploding? Here's my quick take.

With all of the doom and gloom that you see across Twitter about the internal imploding of the company, I think it's time for someone to show an alternative viewpoint other than "Elon is ruining this and everyone is quitting. blah blah blah."

I think what we're hearing on the outside is greatly exaggerated on the doom and gloom side of the world. After all, the ones who are the loudest and spread rumors are the unhappy ones.

The shakeups on senior staff are obviously a gut punch, BUT, things are bound to change when you make a super slow team start to move super fast and actually focus on... profitability. Dun dun dunnnn

I read this blog post from David Heinemeier Hansson about a designer that used to work at 37signals and moved over to Twitter. Here's an excerpt:

That's what Twitter is going through right now. Elon Musk is administering shock therapy to a company that's had one of the most lethargic pace settings in the industry for years on end. To illustrate, we once had a designer at 37signals who had worked at Twitter previously. This person had spent over two years at Twitter and never shipped anything. It was mockups, meetings, and then eventual cancelations that propelled life in the product group at that time. Evidence of a company pace setting so depressingly low as to be scarcely believable.

That's the environment that was at Twitter. Of course, you can play those games when you're a public company because raising money from the crowd tends to be easier.

But when you're a private operation and need to actually make a profit / not lose millions of dollars a day.. well, the game is changed.

So I think we're hearing a lot more noise than anything else.

Where do I think differently about one major change at Twitter though?

I do think the remote work policy shift is shitty. I'm super pro distributed work and to me, it doesn't hinder speed. It just shows a lack of communication skills by the senior team if you can't write it out or make a quick Bubble video with what you want.

Alright, I'll end the rant there. Only time will tell with how this plays out.

On the positive side, if shit hits the fan on the bird app, there's always


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