Alex Medick

July 20, 2021

It was a choice.

You didn't slip up, it was a choice. Too many excuses are allowed these days. It was a slip up. I made a mistake. I didn't mean to.

Stop making excuses. You made a bad choice. And that's okay. Life happens. We all make choices that we regret - some big, some small. No matter the size, don't make an excuse.

You made a choice. And tomorrow, you'll make a better choice. You can control your choices. When you make excuses for yourself, you give yourself freedom from responsibility.


Don't escape responsibility. You own your actions. Don't beat yourself up. Next time, just make the better choice. You have the power. You have the choice.

Forget excuses. I'll stop using them. I made a choice to over-eat. I made a choice to yell. I made a choice to have that extra glass of whiskey.

It's not, "I didn't mean to."

It's, "I made the wrong choice, and tomorrow, I'll make the one that I want to make."

Give yourself the power to choose.


The above rant was inspired by an interview with Ashton Kutcher on the American Glutton podcast and a book I bought for my 4 year old called, The Power To Choose

We all have the power to chose. Don't give that up. When you give it up to words like "mistake" and "slip-up," you avoid ownership and thus, lose control of your actions. 

It wasn't a mistake. It was a choice. 


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