Alex Medick

December 29, 2021

Let's Do This 2022!

Here we are, staring 2022 right in the face. Once again, a new year is upon us. Why is a new year so significant? Why does it always feel like a fresh start? Maybe it's because it feels like a little victory - we made it another year. And hell, we should celebrate every little win we can get to keep us motivated and moving forward. 

Like most of you, I'm excited for what the new year brings. Last night, I was putting together a few plans I want to put into motion going into the new year. Of those plans, content creation is something I am very much looking forward to. 

Blogs, Newsletters, and a Podcast

How will I be creating content? I'll be publishing more blogs, newsletters, and starting a podcast. 

Do I have expectations for any of these things to take off and become a career and/or money making opportunity for me? God no. 

Then why I am doing it? To exercise my creative muscles and to learn.

Starting January 6, 2022, you can start expecting 2 newsletters from me a month. Those newsletters are also turned into blogs on my website

I am also going to start a little podcast where, much like my writings, I talk about the things I dig - life, marketing, entrepreneurship, tech, and investing. 

Not sure how often I'll publish episodes, but it sounds like a fun thing to do. I'll keep you all in the loop for when things launch on that front in case anyone wants to check it out. 

Let's Make Some Changes

Before I publish this final post of 2021, I want to take this moment to talk about 1 charity and 1 organization that I dig and think you should really look at.

+ The Surfrider Foundation

I am a monthly contributor to The Surfrider Foundation. With the funds they receive, Surfrider works on stopping plastic pollution from reaching the beach, ensure the community has clean coastal water to play in, stopping offshore oil drilling for good and demands climate action to protect our coasts from sea level rise and extreme weather events.

If you know me, the beach and ocean are my happy places. It's where I feel most at peace. So I'd do anything I can to protect our beaches at all costs.

+ Signal

Like Surfrider, I am also a monthly contributor to the Signal project. Signal is a better messaging experience. With an extreme focus on privacy, they have all the features you'd expect with a messaging app without all of the data tracking that comes with other providers. Signal is an independent nonprofit. They're not tied to any major tech companies and can never be acquired by one either. The development of the project is supported by grants and donations from people that want to support the cause.

First, download Signal and start making that your messaging app of choice. Second, please give a small monthly donation so we can make data-privacy a standard in our technological world. 

A Final Thought

Well, let's do this 2022. In the words of Joey Ramone... 

Hey ho, let's go! 🌊🏄‍♂️⚡️🤙



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