Alex Medick

December 8, 2021

My 2022 Intentions and Aspirations

About two years ago, I read that new years resolutions are bullshit. Why? Because they are mostly empty goals that we give ourselves and we break them within 60 days. Why would you start off the new year with a broken promise to yourself? 

Instead of resolutions, you should try intentions and aspirations. The fundamental difference is the mindset framing that goes with it. 

If you break a resolution, you’ve failed. If you stray from an intention or aspiration, it’s more forgiving since you know it is an ongoing work in progress to reach the next level of what you aspire to. With aspirations and intentions, there is no failing, just navigating life and moving forward one step at a time. 

Today is December 1, 2021. With the new year approaching, I wanted to spend this morning writing down a few of my intentions and aspirations for 2022. 

Simple goals for self improvement in 2022:

  • Meditate for at least 15 min per day  (be consistent with time of day)
  • Focus on my mental health
  • Workout/exercise 5x per week
  • Write a blog & newsletter at least 2x per month
  • Keep improving at my career and career skills – always be learning
  • Spend less, focus on minimalism
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Take a 3-5 day surf trip
  • Enjoy life and remember to have fun

There are only a few days left in this year. Let’s end things on a high note! 

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