Alex Medick

July 31, 2021

My Favorite FinTech Tools

Yep, there's an app for everything. Especially in the FinTech world. While I'm not a financial advisor, I'd like to share my favorite FinTech tools that I definitely believe you should check out.


PS - Links for Wealthfront, CashApp, Robinhood, and Acorns are referral links. I want to be up front about that so you don't think I'm scamming you. ✌️

1. Wealthfront
I use Wealthfront for two primary purposes. First, I use their Cash Account program for my savings - earning .15% for the cash I keep in there.

Second, I use their Index investing platform for Tax-Loss harvesting. Pretty much, their A.I. investment program puts my money into index funds that are aimed to grow my wealth while helping to reduce my tax bill at the end of the year.

Wealthfront is run by some incredible people and this app is a must-have, in my opinion.

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2. CashApp
This is probably my most used financial app. I use it to send money to my wife, and to buy Bitcoin. If you're a crypto kid reading this, I only buy Bitcoin with CashApp because it's damn easy, and I believe in Jack Dorsey's commitment to the development of the Bitcoin space.

Outside of crypto, CashApp is a great way to send and receive money from friends.

CashApp is the future of banking - you should get in on it now.

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3. Acorns
I came for the roundups, stayed for the amazing features. Acorns, like Wealthfront, offers Index investing. Additionally, it offers investment accounts for retirement, and for your children - I'm a dad, this means a lot to me.

I use roundups and automated weekly payments towards an Index investing account that sees an average return of 11% per year.

Side Note - Roundups are when you spend $5.96 at a store, Acorns will round that bill up to the nearest whole dollar and add 4 cents to your investment profile. It's like adding spare change to thee growth jar each month.

I also use Acorns Early and Later as investment accounts for my retirement, as well as giving my children a nice chunk of change when they turn 21.

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4. Robinhood
You know it, you love it. If you're looking to invest in the public markets and day trade, Robinhood is the only app you should be looking at.

I will say, don't use RH for crypto though. It's great for public stocks, but not the best for crypto.

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5. Coinbase
While I use CashApp for everything Bitcoin, there's Coinbase for the rest - Ethereum, Chainlink, Solana, etc. I've testing a lot of crypto trading apps (in the US at least), and Coinbase seems to come out on top every time.

Gemini and Banq are cool too, but Coinbase is the current leader of the pack.

6. Yieldstreet
If you want to diversify your portfolio, Yieldstreet is something you should check out. I invested in their Prism fund, which hold assets in real estate, art, and more. So far, I've been 8% quarterly returns on my investment.


Please do your research before jumping into everything, but I think you'll quickly find how simple and amazing these apps are to help you grow your wealth and diversify your portfolio. 

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