Alex Medick

February 15, 2024

read/heard/seen #001

Hey friends - 

Trying out a new newsletter format called read/heard/seen. It's where I will share the best of what I've, you've guessed it!, read, heard, or seen that week. So expect this NL in your inbox every Friday morning pacific time.

While I'll share cool things like music and art from time-to-time, articles will mostly relate to entrepreneurship, tech, or growth.

Why am I doing this? For two reasons. The first and obvious one is that I learn and see so much cool stuff during the week, I want to share what I enjoy with others. Second, I want to get in the habit of having to create and publish something for fun 1x per week. 

Enough with the preamble, let's dive in. Let me know what you think!


  1. Interests graphs vs. social Graphs and how to let interest intent guide you. Great Medium post: read here

  2. A high-level look at what a recommendation engine is: read here
    ** I'm really fascinated by this as the driving force of leveraging Interest Graphs over Social Graphs for community building and content engagement** 

  3. Geek out on K-Factor and R-zero virality with me! 
    1. K-Factor Math: read here
    2. The explanation: read here

  4. FigureAI (robots) is in partnership talks with Microsoft and OpenAI: read here

  5. Cohere launched open-sourced a polyglot LLM: read here


  1. A conversation with the Chamath Palihapitiya (CEO @ Social Capital) and Jonathan Ross (CEO of Groq) on Language Processing Units (LPUs): listen on x

  2.  The power of competing by category creation instead of better. “Better drives a comparison. Different drives a choice.” listen on apple podcasts

  3. Google and the Innovators Dilemma in 2024 (starting around the 40 min mark): listen on apple podcasts


  1. Casey Neistat put out a great video on determination and not quitting: watch on youtube

  2. 37signals now accepts Bitcoin for once products: see on x

  3. SEC chair Gary Gensler, without saying it, kinda sorta admitting to the power of Bitcoin on CNBC: watch on x

  4. OpenAI changes the world with a single tweet. So I've always been fascinated by what they're doing at OpenAI, but when I saw this, I knew the future is happening now and it's wild! Check out OpenAI's AGI model, Sora, on X: see the tweet here

- Alex

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