Alex Medick

June 7, 2022

So I stopped consulting, I think...

Okay, so I stopped being a consultant. I think…

In 2014, I needed to make some extra cash, so I started TNS. It was a solo consulting shop where I worked with SMBs in website dev, SEO, paid digital ads, and funnel design. 

Over the years, my side-hustle was getting way too big and I made it my main thing. It was fun, but then I started to take on too much and, stupidly, didn’t outsource any of the work. 

It all became too much. I was stretched thin. I was tired. My brain was beat. 

In 2020, I was recruited by to be their first CMO / growth marketer. 

I was stoked at the opportunity and the team. I said hell yeah and jumped right in. 

Even though I hung up my consulting shoes, I kept getting requests to work for new clients (and A LOT of old ones). 

The more I said no, the more money they offered me. It was hard to say no sometimes – really hard. 

But I wanted to be great at, not as a consultant. My dreams were bigger than consulting alone would allow me to achieve. 

Do I miss the freedom of consulting sometimes? Sure I do. Do I miss being a solo shop and operator? Yeah, every once in a while. 

I have my goals in site though. And when you see what you want in life – to achieve as a professional, you have to stay the course. 

I’m not going to say that the money offered to me in the last few weeks to go back to consulting was easy to say no to. 

Fuck it though – I’m a startup CMO and my aspirations are too great to be slowed by the almighty dollar. 

If they offered me pay in Bitcoin though, I might’ve taken a second review of things though….

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