Alex Medick

January 27, 2023

So I think I just acquired an app?

I’m not 100% positive yet, but I think I might have accidentally acquired an app. Um, what did I just do?

It all started two weeks ago when a friend of mine asked me about an app that I talk about a lot to help with my “living better” journey. I told him the name but he told me he couldn’t find it in the app store.

I looked too. Wasn’t there. I could still use the app, but no one else could download it.


I reached out to the app on Twitter. No response.

I pinged the CEO via email. No response.

A few days later, I was kind of bummed that an app I really relied on was going away, from the outsiders perspective. I’m not sure what came over me, but I said to myself, “fuck it, I’ll just email the founder and see if I can buy it off of him and run it myself.”

Did I have the money to buy an app? Hell no. 

But let’s get a yes first before we let little details like that get in the way.

So I DM’s the founder (who is a notable tech and investor figure) on Twitter. I figured I’d never hear back.

24-hours later...

Did I acquire an app - alex medick.png

Today, the founder and I jumped on a Zoom and talked for a bit.

I told him my plan of really treating this as an indie project over a high-growth startup. I even think of having it be community funded - asking for donations from other dedicated users, just to keep it alive (similar to the Signal model).

He was into all the ideas and said he’ll call me this weekend after he talks to his other co-founder.

So now I ask again….

Did I just acquire an app?

If you I did, I’ll be sure to build in public and follow the minimalist entrepreneur commandments.


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