Alex Medick

July 18, 2022

The 5 Most Important Skills You Need As An Entrepreneur

I was recently cruising Reddit to do research for a growth experimentation idea. In my scrolling, I came across this question in r/entrepreneur:

There were tons of responses, but I could tell they all came from early-in-their career entrepreneurs. It was basic shit like learn sales, learn to code, blah blah blah.

Like I said, basic.

You really want to know what the important skill(s) to learn as an entrepreneur are?

Here’s what I wish someone told me early in my entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Top Skills You Need As An Entrepreneur

  1. Learn how to be okay with failure
  2. Learn how to be resilient as fuck
  3. Learn how to adaptable
  4. Learn to learn super quick (as Jason Calacanis once told me, “Alex, I expect you to be an expert in anything in 30 days”. I know he was exaggerating and busting balls, but that’s the personal benchmark I set for myself).
  5. Never, EVER, EVER stop learning. Evolve or Die.

Sure there are tons for hard skills to learn as an entrepreneur, but these are the soft skills that can help you bust down walls and conquer the world.


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