Alex Medick

May 25, 2022

The Startup Marketers Tech Stack (12 Tools To Use) 🧰

So you’re a marketer at a startup. 


I am too. That is neat.

If there’s two things to know at a startup it’s that cash is precious and growth is king!

Now, you’re probably racking your brain trying to help you find the right tools that can help you maximize performance without breaking the bank.

I’ve been there.

The problem when you’re looking into tools, is now every damn AE on the planet is hunting you down for more and more demos.

It’s chaos.


I have compiled a list of the tools I use at and ones that you should probably be using too.

I’m frugal AF with my marketing budget - if it doesn’t correlate directly to growth, I’m pretty hard pressed to pull out the ol’ corporate CC. So I think you’ll dig this list.

12 Marketing Tools To Use

  1. Canva

    Killer graphic design tool for ads, presentations, lead magnets, whatevs. It’s dope.

  2. Similar Web Chrome Extension

    Discover your competitors web traffic and traffic sources. Install the extension. Go to your competitor's website. Click on the extension. Boom.

  3. Ubersuggest

    Great SEO tool for starting out (at a super legit price). Look up keywords, generate content ideas, check placements in the SERP rankings, conduct competitive research and more.

  4. Convert Kit

    This is the best email marketing platform there is, hands down. Great visual automations, segmentation, and more. Use this. If you don’t, you’re crazy.

  5. Hotjar

    Embed this free tool on your site to engage visitor behavior with clicks and scrolls. You can even throw comments up on the screen for particular users to ask them a question.

  6. Optimize

    Modern marketing uses a lot (I mean A LOT) of A/B testing. Optimize is a rad free A/B testing tool from Google.

  7. Buffer

    Schedule social media posts like a champion with this amazing product. They have a ton of new features rolling out which are great for startups and small businesses too - like the Start Page.

  8. Notion or Basecamp

    Project Management is everything. I live and die by checklists, to-do’s, notes, and updates. Check out these great project management tools and get your damn life in order.

  9. Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (Fathom Analytics if you want to support the internet privacy cause.

    You have to know your data. GA and GTM is pretty much the standard of life. It’s free, it works great, and you get a butt load of data.

    I use Fathom Analytics on my personal site for privacy and what not (I’m also not targeting you with ads and whatever). On work sites, I definitely use GA though.

  10. Zapier

    That’s sweet sweet no-code automation life is here. And It’s called Zapier. Check it out and automate redundant tasks that eat at your soul and the hours in the day.

  11. G Suite

    Drive, Slides, Sheets, Docs - Google has it all and all of the products work super good. Use these and stop dancing around with the 1000000000 other tools you’re probably testing out. Keep it simple and move on.

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    Okay, maybe not duh. But if you subscribe, I think that would be super. 

Alright. There you have it.

Now go out there and let’s grow!


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