Alex Medick

June 8, 2022

Two Work Modes: Get ‘Em or Zen ‘Em

Welcome to the duality of me when it comes to work… hell, probably life too. But I’m going to focus on work here. 

I have two modes when it comes to working… Get ‘Em or Zen ‘Em.

Both modes are complete opposites, and an internal battle, with how I feel that the workplace should be.

On the zen side of life…

I believe in calm, asynchronous work. Don’t stress. Have written-first, threaded communication. Enjoy a 4-day work week and have ultimate work-life balance where one is insanely productive, but work isn’t life and life isn’t work. 

Sometimes, I envision myself doing digital marketing consulting and WordPress website development from a beach somewhere, surfing in the afternoons, and spending way more time with my kids.

Damn that sounds nice. 

But there’s another side of me. A side that takes over all constantly. No matter how zen I try and be, this is my core-self that tends to pop out whenever the stars align and I’m invested mentally and emotionally….

Get ‘Em mode. 

Oh yes, get ‘em. Sure, work life balance is great. But do you know what’s even greater? Conquering your dreams and going further than you ever thought you could. Taking over and going to war with work. Knowing that life isn’t all kudos and kumbaya’s. 

It’s startup life. It’s a battle life.

A battle to win. A battle to be the biggest. A battle to take over the world. 

It’s a drive inside of me that says, “you will not sit back and chill. This is your moment. This is where you make your name… your legacy.” 

To borrow a phrase from Travis Kalanick — it’s where I get super pumped. 

I know that zen life is the desired, and probably best route. But there’s also that drive in the back of my brain that tells me to go big.

Ah, what a weird dichotomy. 

The yin and yang of my soul.


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