Alex Medick

March 21, 2022

What's got my attention this week #004

Hey friends -

There are so many things that I'd love to talk about that have my attention this week (maybe we'll talk about how I binge watched WeCrashed in issue #005). But there is one thing that's consuming all of my attention and I'm damn proud of it.

Over the weekend, we launched the beta version of the new!
Inside Social Site Beta Screen Shot.png

What is it? is a brand new social site where you can share news articles, connect with colleagues, and drive discussion with fellow community members. There's no spam - no promotion - no bullshit. 

When this project was in the ideation phase, what we wanted to do was take the best parts of LinkedIn and Reddit, then ditch all of the noise. 

The user feedback has been AMAZING so far and I could not be more grateful. 

If you want to join, here's a code to get into the beta (go secure that profile name before someone else does!):

What people are saying

We initially launched the beta with our investors on Republic. Here's was a few of them had to say 👇

First, already an inventor. But OMG, love it as a subscriber!! Definitely want to invest more and am so excited about this Beta version.” - Jason G. Croft

I’ve spent a few hours on the networking beta site today and you all did an amazing job. I already like it better than any other social networking site I belong to. It’s informative, thought provoking and professional. It practically eliminates the meaningless content and self-promotion that’s so pervasive on other social media sites. IMO you’ve created a winner!” - Tom Miller

Special thanks

A lot of work went into making this project, so a big shoutout to my team mates for working all sorts of crazy hours with me to make this all come together -- Jason Calacanis, Asheesh Barman, Brian Warmoth, Augusto Ruibal, and Ron Abegg. 

Join us and let me know what you think

Here's my private invitation link to join the beta. I'd love if you joined and let me know what you think of it. 

Access Link 🔗

Until next time ⚡️


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