Alex Medick

February 20, 2023

Why I ditched WordPress for

After years of preaching about the power of WordPress, I got rid of it for 

I didn’t do it for the reasons you’re thinking of though. 

Nope, nothing wrong with the platform or tech or limitations or whatever other nonsense people out there are saying. In fact, I still love WordPress and will promote and build on it as much as possible. 

Why did I do it then? 

Focus. Plain and simple. 


I am cleaning up my mental space for focus. 

You see, I realized I don’t need a personal website. My priority isn’t to get people to my site and love me. My priority is to put all of myself into my businesses - I want to build those, not me., this blog, and the newsletter are still up and running. Now it’s just over on HEY World - is my email service ( The service comes with a free newsletter tool and online blog called HEY World. If that’s there and I’m not worried about the metrics or SEO needed for personal branding, why not go with easy and simple? 

So when it came time renew my hosting my WP site, I went through a checklist: 

  1. Do I absolutely need this? (No, growing my brand isn’t my priority)
  2. Is the investment worth it? (No, since it’s not a priority in my life, why pay for hosting?)
  3. Will removing this from my day improve headspace for my work? (Yes, I will still write weekly for the blog/newsletter, but I don’t have to think about logins for CMS, SEO optimization, etc. Now, I just email myself on HEY World, hit send to all, and I’m back to work or family life.)

It was that simple. Those questions, those answers. 

I’m working on increasing my focus and deep work moments this year. So if it doesn’t involve growing companies I'm building, I don’t really need to worry about it! (obviously, my kids take priority ya crazy internet Karens, but you get the point!)

What can you get rid of in your day that is a nice-to-have, not a must-have? What simple decision will remove 1,000 other decisions and leave more headspace for the things that matter? 

Until next time…


PS - WordPress is the best. If your business needs an online presence (which of course it does!), definitely use WP as your CMS. It powers 43% of the web and is open-source. That's about as mainstream and punk as one can get. 

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