Andreas Kviby

March 5, 2021

Filament is the best thing that happened to me since Laravel Nova

So what the heck is Filament and why am I that thrilled about it?

Filament is an adminpanel for Laravel, built using TALL stack and especially happy for the use of Laravel Livewire. Livewire is my new energy as a developer and I have the same feeling about Livewire that I got when the iPhone was first released and I realized I could build apps to it.

Filament is a replacement for Laravel Nova, no doubt about it. There are some things missing but at the same time it is early so we can just wait and see what will be invented by the guys behind it.


I have been creating adminpanels and applications using Laravel Nova for more than two years now and I am superhappy about it in so many ways. Still there are things that have made me dissapointed as hell over time. The lack of true responsiveness is one of the biggest concerns I have had. The other thing is the ability to change and customize the layout completely on pages without hacking the core.

All of this is covered in Filament from the start, it is built on a mobile first approach what I can see and I love it. You can also customize a lot of stuff without breaking anything.

I believe that the guys behind it have also been using Nova and realized that there is a sweet spot for a new player in town and took it. It is strange that the Laravel business have not yet done anything major to Nova in time but I guess there focus have been on Spark, Jetstream and other apps in the larger and larger ecosystem.

I am in love with Filament and just wait to use it inside a true application for a client. I have started to play around with it using a large CRM application I created in Nova to measure the time it takes to develop using Filament as a replacement for Laravel Nova.

You just have to try it, goto and start playing around with it.