Andreas Kviby

March 10, 2021

I could have been a billionaire, timing is not my thing!

So I went down on WayBackMachine the other night and I kept on being shocked on the amount of ideas, thoughts and stuff I have created during my time on earth.

Not to brag in anyway (I little bit) but I just wanted to get them all down in one post because it is so cool to use Hey World!

PriceTags for grocery stores
I was 16-17 years of age and had been working in a grocery store for years. I was working a lot with changing the price tags in the store due to changes in the taxes or just updating overall pricing. I looked at my wrist and saw my Casio digital watch and my idea was born.

So me and my best friend at that time draw the looks of what we called "Prisvisardatorn" which could be translated to PriceTag. We seeked venture capital from a close friend of my parents to protect this idea using patent protection but he did not thing that the idea was anything that would be viable.

What did happen? After a few years this was invented on paper by an older guy, sold the drawing and patent to Esselte Metoo for millions and retired. The product is now in every store world wide.

Fidus - Computer Lock Down Software
I created a software that protected and locked a computer down for libraries and public places where you could use a public computer. With my software you could lock down the use of the floppy and such things. We sold it to around 10 libraries but lack of sales people the product did eventually die.  At this point I was older, 18 years of age :)

You all know the business of security software and how that field did develop?

Devphiles International Education
In 1997 I was in Washington DC educating myself in Active Server Pages by Charles Carroll. I then went back home and started my own educational company. I first started with classroom based training for Active Server Pages only. We then expanded hard, got 24 million in venture capital and expanded to UK, Netherlands and hired more than 25 people in 6 months.

I then realized that we could not reach all developers around the world with classroom based training so we invested over 2 million in developing the first e-learning platform I have ever seen for developers. It held tutorials, materials, docs, samples and also built in tests for the users. We launched it in 1999 and nobody thought that online training would work.

You have heard of Udemy and others?

Interticket to Sweden
The Budapest based ticket software developer was established in Sweden thanks to me and we did register Interticket in Sweden and got venture capital. After some time it was clear that the software was coming on to slow and we needed to make more out of it.

We did drop the Interticket system and created our own under the name of Transticket. We where the first company to deliver PDF tickets, first having ADS on PDF tickets and also first in wireless Bluetooth barcode entry scanning systems.

We created a solid software platform that eventually got sold to AXS for millions, but that was after I left and gave my shares to a friend :( Bad idea!

MinDisk - Online backup software
I was scared of not having any good backup solution for all my source code. I had some kind of ZipDrive which was an external harddrive but not that good.

So I created a local software for Windows where you signed up for an account and then you could choose which folders you wanted to securely backup. I then created a backend that created a encrypted SFTP account at Bluehost Hosting Provider. My software MinDisk (MyDrive in English) then scanned for changes and uploaded the files to the secure area at Bluehost.

I invested hundreds of thousands of privately loaned money in this campaign to sell it. We had ads in magazines and people hired to call around to sell the service. It was my first subscription based solution ever.

Nobody thought it would be of any use to have an online backup when they had the external harddrives and tapes at hand. It was now 2007 and I thought the timing was perfect.

I lost the edge, lost the company and was very dissapointed in myself believing in this software when nobody else did.

Have you heard of the followers? Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and others... Puh!

MobilaPengar - Send money by SMS
I was working with Viatel at the time, still around 2007 and I was creating a lot of SMS based solutions for different companies. Sales reporting software that actually is still used today but also a lot of other stuff.

One day I had a crazy idea that we should be able to transfer money within seconds between user a and user b even if we had different banks. This was not possible at the time at all because all banks took around 3 - 4 days to handle transactions between them.

So I invented MobilaPengar (MobileMoney in English) and the whole idea was that we should start accounts in all banks in Sweden and then created an SMS solution for users. Let's say that I wanted to send money to my mother so I just send a text message with her number and the amount I wanted to send. Send that to our gateway and we will lookup her number, check what bank she has and account. We then took out money from our account in the same bank and deposited the money into her account. This took a second!

Then we would take out money from my personal account and deposited that in the account of that bank in our account.

So we invented a way to use a lot of accounts in a lot of banks to enable quick transfers using the mobile phone.

Me and Viatel was in flames and we thought that this will be a revolution. We started to contact the banks to start setting things up but one after another said it would not be a legal solution and they would not accept it.

So after 6 months of hard work we had to shut down the idea completely.

Have you heard of the banks in Sweden? They invented something the call SWISH! Thanks again for lack of timing or for being to small :(

VOICEMATCH - What the fuck, again and again!
Well me and my wife was about to launch a dating app service with sound only. So we would let people register a profile and then upload a sound profile. This sound profile would be the profile people would hear. So no more goofy old men trying to imposter to be someone else. We planned this and made sketches and all, we even renamed our company to VOICEMATCH and register domains and all. Then we pitched it but no one was interested in this venture. To bad for all of us because now several startups in the valley are creating sound only dating services and they just got millions in VC.

And then what?
Well the saga continues but I still hope that someday I will have the perfect timing, the venture capital behind me to support me and the guts to go through it all again.

Thanks for reading my innovation story finally written down for public eyes.

See you in the next post!