Andreas Kviby

March 5, 2021

So much built in from the start in Filament

So again I write to you and information you about some small stuff.

When you have been working with Laravel Nova, there are some stuff that is harder. This things is covered from start in Filament admin and that makes me happy.

Rich Text Editor ala Trix
As you can see you just make it as a field and you can set the disc, attachments directory and so on. All that is needed is a Text field in your mySQL or whatever database you use.

This is huge for me as a developer. This is possible in Laravel Nova but with a package. There is also quite a bit of work to design and make those tabs work seamless.


And you can also setup Grids, Sections and more...

This will be my first choice when creating adminpanels for clients from this day and forward.

Learn more about fields and design in Filament here: