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November 29, 2022

🔵 belated {Sunday Truth 99} goodbye summer fairy tale 🧚🏽‍♀️

My Sommermärchen is over.

After sheer endless back-and-forths in the past weeks and months, it has come to an end what I considered the last relationship partner I would be having in my life. I guess it’s like announcing “I will win the World Cup in Qatar 2022”. It can work, but sometimes it doesn’t.

It’s Nov 27th, 2022, and it’s THE END.

It started on July 16th, which makes it one of my shortest relationships I’ve had (4 months, 11 days)–after a 6-year period of abstinence and, essentially, preparation for living like a monk for a long time, or practically until the end of my life.

I’ll still be visiting her in December. But these 33 days there in NY (everything is booked and paid) will be an interesting experience, to say the least.

(to be continued after a short break)

It was 5.02 p.m. CEST, here in Berlin’s former Russian sector when I started writing to you, and yes, i know i’m late: i will explain below.

On Nov 29th, 2022 with 5 degrees Celsius (+5.4 degrees warmer compared to Sunday, Nov 20th)

hi, i’m building my dream Voiceover YouTube channel as a milestone to my dream storytelling company, Susé Patrola. when done, i’ll move to singapore.

🥥 making money with voiceover is the only 1 thing i care about right now uga uga 🐒

(back again)

To sum startup week 99, I would say:

I was VERY productive because I caught up with my intended daily ad-publishing on YouTube:

I uploaded 31 (!) new video ads to YouTube within 9 days:

I’m in the habit of delivering.

I’m shipping.

My original plan for last week…

If I publish 3×2 (six) ads daily starting tomorrow (Monday) until Thursday, I would have caught up: Ad 7–9 (Mon), Ad 10–12 (Tue), Ad 13–15 (Wed), Ad 16–18 (Thu).

…didn’t completely work.

But that’s okay.

One reason was that on Monday (Nov 21) I spent an entire 8-hour workday on producing 🇮🇷 Ad 6: 101 909 505 because Farsi (Persian) is more challenging than just English and German.


I’m happy with the result and today/tonight I’m going to publish Ad 22 in both German and English.

Behind the results are 71.5 hours of work. That’s a 8-hour workday on average, although I didn’t work these hours every day. But it shows that an 8-hour workday is sufficient (for me).

I spent most of my past 9 days in the studio working, and slept there. When I ran out of food I went back to the house.

My life is simple again:

I work 8 hours a day.

I sleep 8 to 10 hours a day.

I eat and chill and catch up with people.

That’s it.

Last week I also caught up with an Iranian friend who is now studying in Canada. The connection to my other friend from India is now on hold because he can’t seem to show up at our scheduled time. Too bad. Saying good-bye to people is something I practice to get better, though it is frustrating, of course.

I also updated my site in terms of copy and design. I like how clear and airy it looks right now, also in dark mode:

There was interaction with her, and that’s okay. But it was only 10 hours in the last 9 days, so roughly 1 hour per day. Considering that it’s over, that’s fine.


Since I’m going all-in on work (and eating well and working out more), I want to document how I produce these daily voiceover video ads for YouTube:

  1. write in iA Writer
  2. voice-act in Adobe Audition
  3. edit in Audition incl. 3:1 compression and normalization to -1dB
  4. research image artwork via A.I. Stable Diffusion 1
  5. turn audio and still image into video using Descript (affiliate link)
  6. export video and subtitles
  7. upload to YouTube and share on Mastodon, Twitter, LinkedIn

Be well.

Stay productive.

Lots of uber-productive love to you,

Bye bye,
- Alex (you can hire me)

p.s. adventure ⛰️ + i’m winning
p.p.s. write drunk voiceover sober

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