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February 13, 2023

i found client work i don’t hate {Sunday Truth 110}

I don’t like client work. I’d rather not do client work, but it’s currently my only means of making money.

So, I found (read: had to find) a freelance craft where my desire to work on it is greater than my aversion to doing client work...

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(to be continued after a short break)


It was 07:35AM here in Berlin’s former Russian sector when I started writing the {Sunday Truth 110} to you. 

On February 13, 2023 with +6.8 degree Celsius (+9.7 centigrade warmer compared to last Sunday)

My goal is to produce Original Stories through suse and publish them on my YouTube channel. That’s my way of saying, “I’m building my dream company.”The execution of realizing stories, so people can consume them, is the end goal, monetary bottom line or profit is not.

Producing stories is my goal, making money is not my goal.

A company is a gathering of people with a common direction and companionship. A company is not a for-profit machine, at least in my version of a dream company. Therefore suse will need money, ideally from my Freelance Voiceover Income until June 2023, because I really do not want to get a day job and lose my freedom. And I will lose all my freedom by June 2023, by taking a day job, unless I will have made a significant financial jump with my freelance income. Making €100,000 annually would be my dream and it would justify my continued pursuit in the voiceover path.

Along the way, I’m trying to be a Stoic fortress without turning into a cold, heartless stone but rather trying to have 🥥 coconut fun uga uga 🐒 and slowly making my way to Singapore 🇸🇬 and Peaceful Pacifica ⛵️, which is my way of saying the region roughly around the Pacific Ocean.


(back again)




When it comes to making ads (writing and voice-acting) I’m feeling motivated to get the job done, get paid, be happy, and move on with my day.

Doing ads for clients is one of the only client services I can think of where doing it doesn’t feel like a drag.

And becoming really good at it feels motivating because at some point, I could teach people how to make ads and they pay me money through courses, and I could stop doing client work as a whole, maybe.

It’s not a totally new discovery or an uber-astounding epiphany. But given my recent confusion about where I should take this boat we call life and this sinking vessel I call my freelance business, I was happy to have clarity about that.

Though I may clarify:
  • Voiceover for Ads.
  • Copywriting Ads.

These 2 are my core H.I. and A.I. Ads Services.

I give a smart, H.I. and A.I. voice to your original, fun and punchy ads.

(H.I. stands for, you guessed it, for Human Intelligence.)

And I voice long-form articles, thoughtful essays, metamorphosing poems, and inspiring books, too. This is new in my client-service repertoire.

But I have a strong feeling that it’s gonna serve me well.

I’m going to share some reads soon:
  • Article Read
  • Essay Read
  • Poem Read
  • Book Read

I’ll pick some texts that I enjoy, voice-act-read them, and publish the voice-content on YouTube.

In fact, just voice-acted-read a poem from Iranian poet Samira 🇮🇷✊ and produced a full-fledged video out of it, with great assistance from A.I. (Midjourney) for the YouTube thumbnail.

And a few minutes ago, Samira, the author of the poem, approved the Persian/Farsi translation of the video and it’s now online.


I started a new Copywriting Industry companion blog: 

There is no content on “Sweaty Pants & Shaky Hands” yet, but at least I found a name (the one you just read) and a cover image for the blog:


And I wrote the 2 new voiceover blog articles:

Article #1

Article #2

“Heated” reddit discussion here:

That’s it.

I do feel better.

Watching season 1 of Extraordinary (mentioned in {Sunday Truth 109}) was helpful in improving my mental constitution and mood :).

Lots of love to you and her 🌸.

Bye bye,

- Alex (all i care about here and now is mentally and financially surviving February 2023 - with €203,36 left on my bank account 🤷‍♂️ --- and i was moving my ass by auditioning for 8 jobs in the last days, in addition to what i did above)

p.s. adventure ⛰️ + i’m winning
p.p.s. wrute drink, oct saber

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