Alexander Kluge

March 6, 2023

success praise fame fortune - Millie Bobby Brown {Sunday Truth 113}

Last night I had a dream about a life, and it was 13 hours.*

Millie Bobby Brown and I were a couple.

We kissed.

But she wasn’t happy.

Of course, she is the star with a great attitude. And I’m just the boyfriend.

It’s a problem when you have a power disbalance of absolute superstar and nobody.

Plus age difference:

Her 19.

Me 39.

She is on camera.

And I was behind the camera.

It’s the classic problem of people who work behind the camera not getting enough appreciation for their work, while the on-screen actor arguably gets all the attention and fame, but also a lot of pressure.

We stayed in a hostel.

Millie was standing in front of the window, rehearsing her singing. Yes, she was singing.

And I was just walking around, checking out the toilets and showers and watching a show in the close-by concert hall: some Christian pop-rock anthem of sorts with a breathtakingly intense performance.

Then I went back to the dorm room. I saw printed-out photos of Millie’s face on the doors—people realized she was staying in the hostel. And that meant it was time for us to leave.

We packed our stuff.

We kissed.

And I asked her, “You’re not really happy with our relationship, right?” She didn’t have to answer because I knew the answer.

But for now we played the “pretend game”, as an actress she was good at, naturally.

I believe what attracted her to me was my strong will and raw (yet undirected) potential, though it never let to anything grandiose due to my lack of channeling my energy to a single thing (with mono-rail focus).


It must have been that YouTube video I had seen of her where she was described as “Super Stubborn & Determined”, on Feb 23, that led to my dream:

(I like super stubborn and determined. She, her, the former one, was super stubborn too and determined, indeed. It’s a character trait we both have in common.)

Back to Millie and me as a couple.

We fled from the hostel and magically appeared in a place where Millie rode a camel 🐪 while filming herself to a live social media audience, of course. And I was watching her do it.

Not only was there desert, there was also beach. So it could have been some place like Dubai (analogies to {Sunday Truth 85} possible). But the people there spoke a coastal version of French, or where they just tourists? Who knows? When I asked them, they didn’t really answer. Blame my poor French.

So I woke up.

Dream over.

And I was thinking…

As a child, in primary school of the 1990s, I performed Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal where I also smashed my body against the wall.

I enjoyed performing and playback-singing.

But then nothing followed.

I became shy.

I have been shy all the time.

Well, there was a Backstreet Boys performance in front of the class and parents, but that didn’t go so well. I was Nick Carter or Brian, not sure anymore.

So that was my primary school years.

Performing seems to be an interest of mine.

But soccer was stronger. And so was computer geek stuff.

That’s why I spent the next 20+ years doing that:
  • soccer/sports
  • computer stuff

And since 2017, twenty years after primary school, I’ve been giving my performance and acting desire another shot, with voice-acting full-time since January 2023.

Which means:

The dream with Millie Bobby Brown serves as an ideal.


Surrounding yourself with successful people changes you.
It makes you successful, too. Especially when I have a dormant winner’s attitude inside of me.

I only feel that I’m running out of time, feeling slightly too old to make something happen that is going to have a substantial impact on my life and career.






I want that.

And that dream with Millie Bobby Brown showed me that…

I want it badly.




(quick announcement)


It was 01:29AM here in Berlin’s former Russian sector when I started writing the {Sunday Truth 113} to you.

On March 6, 2023 with 0.0 degrees Celsius (-2.1 centigrade colder compared to last Thursday, March 2nd).

With we are producing Original Stories and Edits of third-party footage.

Then I publish them on my YouTube channel.

That’s my way of saying, “I’m building my dream company.”

A company is a gathering of people with a common direction and companionship. A company is not a for-profit machine, at least in my version of a dream company.

Therefore, realizing stories, so people can consume them, is the end goal. Monetary bottom line or profit is not.

Producing stories is my goal, making money is not my goal.

Therefore, suse will need money, ideally from my Freelance Voiceover Income because if I can choose, which I can, I really don’t want to get a day job and finance suse through Day Job Income.


Here’s the thing:

I will lose all my freedom
if I take a day job.

And through a friend of mine, we defined June 2023 as the deadline 😵 until I’m going to want to have made a significant financial jump with my freelance income. Making €100,000 annually would be my dream (and €100k/yr are doable, mathetically). But that’s not what I’m aiming for right now. If I could make €1,000/mo regularly, that would justify my continued pursuit of the voiceover path.


Along the way, I’m trying to be a Stoic fortress without turning into a cold, heartless stone but rather trying to have 🥥 coconut fun uga uga 🐒 and slowly making my way to Singapore* 🇸🇬 and Peaceful Pacifica ⛵️, which is my way of saying the region that is east of Madagascar and roughly around the Pacific Ocean.

*though i have to consider that Singapore is a totalitarian state and being an artist there can be tricky…


(announcement over)




Let me try to sum up the past 7 days of my overall 14-day “Let’s Eat Grandma”creative mushroom trip:

boy, did i take ACT-ion…!

1️⃣ Monday:

I did mention in {Sunday Truth 112} that I had pimped my website and created new business assets.

I didn’t, however, share the actual new Logo and their fancy colors with you:

(the favicon of my website is going to look like this–i’ll update it soon)

(and a cute email icon pointing at my private newsletter - Light Mode and Dark Mode)



At some point I will update my main social media channels (Mastodon, LinkedIn, YouTube) with the new logo.

For now, I want to say that I like how playful the new Logo is.

2️⃣ Tuesday:

I worked 48 hours
for this 1 blog post about…

(I know I have shared the blog post in {Sunday Truth 112} but technically that was shared too early because the article I had published only this week.)

The people who have given me feedback so far appreciated the article, which is a win for me. Let’s hope this piece will be the beginning of something bigger and better for my voiceover business.

I spent all day finalizing the article, which I’m sure you’ll understand.

3️⃣ Wednesday:

I wrote the draft for {Sunday Truth 112} on Wednesday.

I also took a much-needed relaxation bath on Wednesday evening which let to more thoughts and ideas and a 6h40m-session for the execution of my Private Email List.

4️⃣ Thursday:

It was Thursday when I created the new cute email call-to-action icone (here he is one more time, in all its cuty glory):

I also continued working on the {Sunday Truth 112}.

It was also the first day in a week that I had left the house to get a kebab and Chinese noodles.

The {Sunday Truth 112} was so elaborate because I had created new assets during the creation of the {Sunday Truth} like:

And I had been working on a 12-hour video version on Thursday, which is still uploading riight now (at 79% currently, Monday, March 6th, 02:27AM; it’s a 11.65GB video file):

Getting this looped 12-hour video right was a bit of work and waiting time, naturally because of the length, the large video size and because I didn’t know what I was doing until I knew.

(I intentionally postponed the delivery of today’s {Sunday Truth 113} so I can include a link to the the 12-hour video 🤓 — see below 👇 why this intention was cute, but not realistic, though)

5️⃣ Friday:

I sent the {Sunday Truth 112} out to you–after 3 days of working on it, which makes it the single most laborious {Sunday Truth}.

Working on the 12-hour video version of 🔥 lit continued.

Reaper, the music DAW, turned out to be a great companion for creating LOOPED videos. In fact, I haven’t seen a lighter video editor than Reaper. Exporting in 4K worked well when I didn’t touch computer. When I did it, the exporting process crashed and I had to start again, and that was 12 hours in, with 8 hours left to render.


But. When I restarted the process on Saturday…

6️⃣ Saturday:

…which was around 5pm, the rendering only took 13h45m, which is oookay. That happened while I was asleep for 13 hours (until Sunday 5pm), which was the time during which I dreamt about Millie, which led to this week’s “lead topic”.

That was a lot of “which”es now.

I also had two catch-ups with two U.S. friends, hi Matt 👋, hi Graham 👋.

7️⃣ Sunday:

I went to bed at 02.30am and slept 13h5m, like I said.

I got up with the Millie dream, as you know, which led me to the writing of the story intro from above. There were some other thoughts I jotted down but they are for my eyes only for now.

From 05.30pm on I did more creative and admin work including:
  • uploading the 12-hour 🔥 lit video to YouTube (including waiting time)
  • creating and uploading a 10-minute 🔥 lit version of the 12-hour version haha(it took me two attempts)
  • uploading the Trailer: Lucky Leo (2023) 🍀🦁 to TikTok
    • the premiere on YouTube happened today (Sunday) as well (see link and graphic below)
  • a small Amazon order (Alex is going to continue his ping-pong game and his mom had the same idea so she’s getting a new racket, too)

As announced in {Sunday Truth 111}, it’s now OFFICIALY released:

Enjoy it!

And please leave a like or comment below the video :) We, the creators of the video, would appreciate it 😌.




I then ate something.

Argued with my mom (the usual “you gotta do your workouts if you want to lose weight”).

Did finances. I’ll have money for another month right now.

And around 1am (Monday) I started writing to you…

…while waiting for the upload the finish. It’s currently at 95% (3:15AM local Berlin time).

“Processing will begin shortly,” is what it says now. That’s going to take some time for 12 hours of video in 4K!

(so here’s what I’m going to do… i’ll finish writing my finishing lines for this {Sunday Truth 113}, then wrap up the day, and go to bed)


. (time ticking)


And you know what happened?

You won’t believe what happened next???

(another classic copywriting line haha)

When YouTube had successfully uploaded/received the video to its servers, and it began processing, it told me:

Processing abandoned
Video is too long. Learn more

haha haha haha


Wouldn’t it be smarter of YouTube to tell me that the video is too long BEFORE it finished uploading???

There must be some smart way to scan the duration of a video before uploading, right? Right?!


Lord Google clearly clearly wants to give me a hard time.

So, I’ll make sure to rub his dick and make him cum when he’s so hard.
















So, all I can give you right now is the 10-minute TikTok video version (see below) and the explanation why I picked 12 hours for the YouTube version.




I’ll have to admit.

The video I uploaded had the following timecode: 12:00:01.

Which means…

I took the risk.

This 1 second above the 12 hours was something I thought YouTube would be cool with.

Clearly they’re not.

Alphabet is only cool with ABC. But not with numbers.

Alphabet is a numbers racist. Alpha = NumbersNazi™.





I changed the timeline in Reaper now to 11:59:59.990, which SHOULD work!

(and the timeline I had before in Reaper was not above 12 hours, I double-checked, so Reaper must have added this second in the exporting process)


I will deliver the YouTube version of 🔥 lit in {Sunday Truth 114} next Sunday, and I’ll kick off the rendering process after I’ll have delivered {Sunday Truth} to you.

Well, just for suspension’s sake will I tell you why I looped a 15-second video clip up to a 12-hour video next Sunday.


Bedtime now.

Time to sleep.

And I am…

…sending you to sleep with some lovely “deadly” lines from My Name Is Early (Season 1 Episode 20: Boogeyman) where Earl talked to kid Alby who is afraid of the boogeyman:

Earl: The first thing that happens in heaven is you get to watch your whole life on TV.

Alby: So one day we might both be watching this on TV?

Earl: Yeah, maybe.

Alby: Hey, dead Earl.

Earl: Hey, dead Alby.




This is really cute.

And I like how the show starts with a misdemeanor of Earl’s and then some kind of moral message at the end. Kind of like lullabies for adults.

Because the show has a nice cute hook as well, when it says at the beginning of each episode:

Earl: I made a list of everything bad I’ve ever done,…

…and, one by one, I’m gonna make up for all my mistakes…

…I’m just tryin’ to be a better person…

…My name is Earl.



That’s why going to bed after having watched an episode or two of My Name Is Earl is what I enjoy doing, and I’ll do so tonight as well.


Make no mistake.

And if you do screw up, which I happen to do frequently, at least create a list and make up for them.

Learn from Earl.

Have a good one, and lots of love to you and her 🌸.

Bye bye,

- Alex (all i care about here and now is getting enough food into my digestive system so i can audition for voiceover gigs with oomph (!), build up my muscles, and work on my lil| empire with vigor!)

p.s. adventure ⛰️ + i’m winning
p.p.s. wrute drink, oct saber

*because in the past 2 weeks I slept an average of 6 hours a night which is 2 hours short of my normal 8 hours

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