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March 27, 2023

this is my last {Sunday Truth}... {Sunday Truth 116}

…using the HEY World platform.

The last emails and blog posts you’ve seen on (and respectively were provided via HEY World.

But that is a thing of the past.

Starting with next week’s {Sunday Truth 117}, I’m going all-in putting everyting on my own domain,
is my hub.

If you want to find out about me, my life, and business:

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed HEY World’s simplicity of sending an email that becomes a blog post. But ownership is more important to me than ease (although it’s gonna be painful to not have that ease anymore).

Also, with Basecamp’s or 37signal’s new pricing experiments where they switched from $99/mo (my current plan) to $11/mo for freelancers like me to then, just recently, switch to $299/mo for the same value makes me wonder where the company is going to go next.

I’ve been feeling uneasy using 37signal products.

I love Basecamp to manage my life and business, it’s been a great tool.

I also like HEY for email.

Both give me peace of mind.

But seeing 37signal’s pricing experiments makes me feel uneasy as fuck!


I will remind you next week that there’ll be no more emails from my address but from my address, because that’s the new service I’ll be using.

You can jump on my new private email list here:




(quick announcement)


It was 1:11 AM here in Berlin’s former Russian sector when I started writing the {Sunday Truth 116} to you.

On March 27, 2023 with 4.4 degrees Celsius which is 4.6 centigrade colder than in {Sunday Truth 115}.

You can read here why I’m spending the rest of my life producing original stories and building my dream company ( It hasn’t changed since January 27th, 2023.


(announcement over)




I’ve been feeling quite lost recently.

The 2-hour phone call with my brother on Sunday helped me quite a bit.

He even encouraged me to send the {Sunday Truth} at 6pm local time, so that people actually want to consume it. And he advised me to speak into the camera to wrap up the week.

Will do, bro!

And I’ll also do it in German and English, both the {Sunday Truth} and the respective video summary which is going to be called /Sonntags Crunch/ in German.

What else?

1️⃣ ✅ wrote 5 scripts for my voiceover demo reel.
2️⃣ ✅ sent 3 Upwork proposals (2x voiceover 1x copywriting)
3️⃣ ✅ worked out 2 out of 3 times (Tue+Thu)
4️⃣ ✅ now have a “What the F is Alex doing now?” page
5️⃣ ✅ published my first 2 YouTube Shorts (183 views with 3:3 likes:dislikes and 50 views)
6️⃣ ✅ my viral video 🔱 Winner’s Mind: I VALUE MYSELF (2023) is at 3,886 views (94:1 likes:dislikes)
7️⃣ 🤔 considering a daily video format to promote my voiceover service
8️⃣ ✅ sent an email to my 1 and only subscriber on my private email list and then he unsubscribed lol :D
9️⃣ ✅ you can hire me now as a copywriter for ads through a new Typeform form: (the URL is for my voiceover for ads service)
🔟 ✅ created 6 new bilingual videos (4x Youtube 2x TikTok):

These 6 videos promote my Voiceover Ad of the Week 1 article:

It’s funny how a “simple” ad analysis turned into GIGANTIC bilingual content piece and a YouTube podcast, because YouTube just launched their podcast feature, and that meant:

I’m happy to announce my new podcast: 

I have found something like a workflow with my camera set up and Descript to edit the videos.



I got stuff done.

Yet, I don’t feel accomplished… probably because of no money coming in (yet).

On the bright side…

🎊 Monday was World Storytelling Day (add Mar 20th to your calendar!)
🎊 Tuesday way UNESCO World Poetry Day (another great date to add: Mar 21st)


I caught up with 🇯🇵Japan.

I wanted to catch up with a friend on Sunday, face-to-face here in Berlin, but I couldn’t get my tired body out of bed because I had worked through the night.

And now I don’t really know where I am anymore.

Again, been feeling lost.

I don’t wanna be a cry-baby, but some of my last {Sunday Truths} have been like I’m a whining, miserable piece of shit.

I so much condemn people who use whiny-whiny to get what they want.

So, rest assured that I’m not whining for pity, but sharing truth for transparency.

Nothing is all roses and sunshine, but nothing is all pitch-black and dark either.

There’s always sunshine and fire, in 1999 there sure was, too.

So be 🔥lit.

Have a good one, and lots of love to you and her 🌸.

Bye bye,

- Alex (all i care about here and now is stuffing my digestive system and luxurious body with plentiful amounts of food so i can audition for voiceover gigs with oomph (!), build up my muscles, and work on my lil| empire with vigor!)

Whenever you’re ready, there are 2 ways I can help you:

  1. Get a crispy voiceover for your ads by booking me here.
  2. Get your custom ad written and achieve predictable income here.

I write, voice-act, and publish my ads and stories from my professional voiceover studio here in East Berlin in the former Russian sector.

One of my last clients left a 5-star ★★★★★ review on Voice123 and said,

“Superb acting and swift turnaround, I highly recommend Alexander, it was a true pleasure working with him.”

p.s. adventure ⛰️ + i’m winning
p.p.s. wrute drink, oct saber

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