Alexander Kluge

March 3, 2023

u O u (you owe you) :belated: {Sunday Truth 112}

Let’s get this baby rolling outta bed and give her a nice ocean of opportunities.


Swimming in opportunities is more fun than drowning in oppression.









I’m talking misdemeanor towards yourself, as motivational speaker Eric Thomas* points out:

And that you stop self-sabotaging your efforts.

(am talkin to us, man)

U o U (you owe you)

That’s why I took action this (past) week (see below).


That’s why I took action this week, which I’m going talk about next Sunday, with no delay in delivery, I hope.

But let’s focus on the seven days of the last week first…




(a quick announcement first)


It was Thursday, 11:45AM here in Berlin’s former Russian sector when I started writing the {Sunday Truth 112} to you, and now it’s Friday already, March 3rdm at 09:04AM, and I’m still writing (because I produced a lot while writing to you).

On March 2, 2023 with +2.1 degrees Celsius (-5.9 centigrade colder compared to last Monday, Feb 20th).

With we are producing Original Stories.

Then I publish them on my YouTube channel.

That’s my way of saying, “I’m building my dream company.”

A company is a gathering of people with a common direction and companionship. A company is not a for-profit machine, at least in my version of a dream company.

Therefore, realizing stories, so people can consume them, is the end goal. Monetary bottom line or profit is not.

Producing stories is my goal, making money is not my goal.

Therefore, suse will need money, ideally from my Freelance Voiceover Income because if I can choose, which I can, I really don’t want to get a day job and finance suse through Day Job Income.


Here’s the thing:

I will lose all my freedom
if I take a day job.

And through a friend of mine, we defined June 2023 as the deadline 😵 until I’m going to want to have made a significant financial jump with my freelance income. Making €100,000 annually would be my dream (and €100k/yr are doable, mathetically). But that’s not what I’m aiming for right now. If I could make €1,000/mo regularly, that would justify my continued pursuit of the voiceover path.


Along the way, I’m trying to be a Stoic fortress without turning into a cold, heartless stone but rather trying to have 🥥 coconut fun uga uga 🐒 and slowly making my way to Singapore* 🇸🇬 and Peaceful Pacifica ⛵️, which is my way of saying the region that is East of Madagascar and roughly around the Pacific Ocean.

*though i have to consider that Singapore is a totalitarian state and being an artist there can be tricky…


(announcement over)




Ten minutes in writing to you, I had to to stop.

I’ve been awake working for 22 hours straight — I am so tired. It’s 11.55AM now.

(okay back from the dead)


So much has happened!

Not only is the {Sunday Truth 112} super delayed.

I also got a lot of shit done!

But I won’t talk about everything that happened until today.


Let me review the past 7 days of Monday (Feb 20th) to Sunday (Feb 26th):

🌴 It was my second 7th-week sabbatical in 2023, where…

…I didn’t schedule anything to allow myself to be free from 3rd-party obligations and mental stress. Great! I’m always grateful that I had learned about it from now online-deceased Sean seanwes McCabe and his I saved a screenshot of the page, for posterity, as a historical record; you can see it in my shared Notion document.

But I noticed one thing:

I entered my 7th-week sabbatical with work left to do from the week prior. That is not ideal. Because it meant that the work I wanted to have finished before my sabbatical I carried over into the sabbatical, which then led to a less relaxed sabbatical.


On Tuesday I was done with the non-sabbatical work from the week prior, the {Sunday Truth 111} week (Feb 13th-19th).

I re-watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), and I only partially liked it. Hm… not sure why the appeal of Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet peeled off (German: “ist abgeblättert”) like a leaf that lost its tree.




I also worked on a lot on my homepage:

(mainly because of huge confidence boost that was invoked by the great client testimonal I had received in last {Sunday Truth 111 - making money while you’re sleepin} week and because of a book I read, which I’m going to talk about below 👇 and in the upcoming {Sunday Truth 113}, and because I sharpened my business direction in terms of who I’m serving: creators!)



➕ ADDED: I Fancied-up the preview image of my, the so-called OpenGraphimage: “Open Graph is a protocol introduced by Facebook in 2010 to allows deeper integration between Facebook and any web page. It allows any web page to have the same functionality as any other object on Facebook. You could control how your website is being displayed on Facebook.”

So, when you share my website link - - on social, you get to see the following image…

…instead of the Thailand 2014 travel image with a Tuktuk driving towards the 7am morning sun of Chiang Mai that I’d been using in the years prior:


Through the tool you can see all of your OpenGraph data:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Image URL
  • HTML code to copy to your site
  • Preview of how your shared website will look on:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Discord

Great preview and great tool by fellow creator Yuyu @swSalim, who also just retweeted how… “The Rock built a $4B tequila business. You think it’s all his personal brand. It’s actually a masterclass in storytelling.”


I digress.

(that smile of The Rock, though!!! and the nice warm yellow-brown colors, love the feeling! and i feel like drinking TEREMANA Tequila all of sudden 😯.)

So back to my ad.

The original copy for my Ad was:
Charming, Rock-Solid
Voiceover Ad-Man Helps
**Creators Grow Revenue**
With Pansy 🌺🌸🌷 Ads
(But Without A Stick
Up His Formidable Ass)

And next to it a photo of me, and it can’t get more beautiful than that, or so I thought. But then there was too much copy, which I removed, and the photo of mine also didn’t make it into the final image.

The final Ad copy now reads:
Pansy cis man helps creators grow revenue w/out a Roger up his impressive ass *

➕ ADDED: I Usain-Bolded-up my site, which is my way of saying that I pimped that little sucker of a business asset of mine, and I made it bold. Bold. BOLD! I’m expressing my newly-found (read: re-found) confidence through boldness:
  • really… bold text and links, a larger font-size for h2 and h3-headings, and my expression that I help creators GROW THEIR REVENUE with clever voiceover ads — see below 👇

➕ ADDED: new navigation/menu bar on top featuring:

  • new <a class="autolink" href=""></a> Logo (a back to homepage link) --- see below 👇
  • new email icon (a newsletter opt-in link) --- see below 👇
  • About link
  • Copywriting Blog link (brought it back, i had removed it before)
  • Voiceover Blog link (brought it back, i had removed it before, too)

Also, check how I made my logo shake and the email icon move up and down using CSS:

(my Logo is going wild haha)

➕ ADDED: leading with my full name (Alexander Kluge) + “aka” + 5-star client quote ”Superb acting” + a new nice attention-grabbing, yellow-orange, pure-CSS graphic that I had borrowed from’s homepage — see below 👇

➕ ADDED: display my new lead tagline, “I help creators grow their revenue

with clever voiceover ads…” + a paragraph of copy

♻️ REPLACED: my latest Voiceover Ad (“Basecamp gives me peace of mind) with my call-to-action unit (my friendly photo smile, “Book me” button, my voiceover guarantee), because I want the visitor to see my friendly face above the fold when entering on their mobile, too

🚚 RE-ARRANGED: then the 5-star voiceover client review with a link to all of my client reviews

➕ ADDED: new section “Latest Song Read” where I added “This Song Plants Trees” as a portfolio piece because I’m the German voice of This Song Plants Trees— see below 👇

➕ ADDED: a newsletter opt-in form — see below 👇

Gallery of News

➕ New extended Hero Unit:

➕ (Dark Mode) New extended Hero Unit:

I always develop my site with Dark Mode in mind, because I’m a dark person jajaja😂

(Hero Unit) (Dark Mode) - Safari Screenshot 2023-03-02 17.14.57.jpg

➕ New “Lastest Song Read” section:

➕ New Ad campaign, “Pansy cis man helps creators grow revenue w/out a Roger up his impressive ass”

➕ New - Private Email List opt-in form:

(this list is different from my {Sunday Truth} email list; it’s about copywriting and voiceover and the business side of things, and i’ll be selling unique offers on that list)

➕ (Dark Mode) - Private Email List

And I recommend that you…

Sign up for my Private Email List:

I will feature my new “Voiceover Ad of the Week” series there and some quiet announcements meant for your eyes and ears only.


I spent Tuesday with a new voiceover format that I want to try. It’s not an ad format but a Question-and-Answer structure:
  • I find a question that I’d like to answer
  • I let ChatGPT A.I. answer the question
  • I edit the A.I. answer (or leave it as is, depending on how good it is and sounds)
  • I translate the answer to AR, FA, ES, FR, IT, DE as well as Berlinerisch via ChatGPT and
  • I voice-record all 8 translations and publish them as YouTube videos

In particular did I work on the translations of ES, FR, IT, DE. No voiceover recorded yet, and the mini-project is currently on hold so I can stay focused on my Voiceover Ads service. The translation to AR and FA happened on Thursday, with the help of LOVO A.I. and Katib and Google Translate and ChatGPT. So many tools, great!




…and I did a fitness workout on the home bike and rower.

(don’t get me wrong, the website changes i just mentioned didn’t all just happen on one day; this was a multi-day effort!)

*and let’s be real here: when I’m sharing my {Sunday Truth} here in public I’m also exposing how I’m working, so sharing auditions as part of my portfolio makes a lot of sense, right? especially if they otherwise would never be heard. and I liked my audition where the client asked me to “make a Godzilla sound-a-like roar”, but the client picked someone else or no one, who knows 🤷‍♀️.

I also dug into Thinking About Anarchism: Hierarchy - What it is and isn’t while listening to Champions League in the radio.

And then I doozed off.




Then along came Marry.



It was Wednesday.

Not Marry.

But Wednesday.

So merry Wednesday came along.

But the day Wednesday, not Addams Family Wednesday, although I like her, and I feel that Aubrey Plaza has learned from her when it comes to dead-serious, straight poker-face acting deliveries.


I auditioned for three projects.

I had a longer phone call with my brother.

I bought the book “Client Acquisition” by email copywriter Chris Orzechowski, which you’ll hear more about in the upcoming {Sunday Truth 113}.

Chris is a 7-figure business owner and email automation expert, and while reading his book I took a lot of notes. I also wrote a 4,700-word summary and review of the book, but technically that happened in {Sunday Truth 113} week, and not this week; but here’s the…

(psst… 🤫🤫🤫)

…the link to the blog post: 

I read “Client Acquisition” by Chris Orzechowski and I learned how to get (copywriting) clients without sending a single cold email, even if no one has ever heard of me


I created a TikTok version Samira’s Iranian poem: EN FA ES FR IT DE. All available now on my TikTok page: 

Also on Thursday…

I auditioned for 3 jobs:
  • a Gregorian chant
  • an African-American Male voice (well, my attempt to sound AA)
  • a High-German, Austrian-accent voice for a virtual reality project

Practizing my African-American English and Austrian German is both fun and challening.

I finished the day, like many of the past ones, by watching a TV show: My Name Is Earl (2005–2009), which is fun to watch, and Catalina is h.o.t. 🔥.









Yes, we’re still in the sabbatical week.

I know.

I know.

I started Friday with 2 voiceover auditions:
  1. a German dubbing for American HR tech company
  2. and copy for a fake-YouTube channel with an “engaging voice that can deliver information in a clear and energetic way. Our target demographic is late teens so the voice should be relatable to our audience. The video was constructed as if it were a YouTuber creating the video so the voice needs to be confident and sure in the delivery of the information.” The topic was MLS (Major League Soccer).

I did 4 more auditions that day:
  1. singing in a “big, deep thick, rich voice. Soulful a plus.”
  2. voicing an alien king with a dominant streak in a “character-driven fun Sci-Fi erotic romance”
  3. a to-German-translated commercial about adventure and the outdoors, for Asian company Ugreen and their product Ugreen PowerRoam - “The Ultimate Portable Power Solution”
  4. a commercial dubbing/ADR from English to German for an “epic fantasy RPG” called RAID: Shadow Legends. But I was a few minutes late with my submission because the client closed the proposal phase all of a sudden, and I was just in the process of reviewing what I intended to upload. So, I worked 2 hours for nada.

What followed will SHOCK YOU!


(i always wanted to try this classic copywriting line :D)

No nothing was shoking about what happened when I opened the door to Telegram and interacted with that female person, S.J., which was quite pleasant.

Friday was also when I spent more time on reading the “Client Acquisition” by Chris Orzechowksi. Great book! It led to many good thoughts and it set my mind on fire 🔥. First Catalina from My Name Is Earl and now Chris lighting me up. I’m burning. No really. I’m burning. My ass is hot. That’s why he’s impressive, the ass, as mentioned above :D. And actually, sitting so much on my Swopper and working my ass off cause ass-ache (i had cramp-like feelings in my butt cheeks haha)

I spent 6h23m with the book (“Client Acquisition”) that night until Saturday morning, and I also fell asleep while doing so. Somehow, Descript didn’t like it when I wanted to copy-paste the whole text from the PDF (I copy-pasted the text into Descript to let it then generate an A.I. Bart Simpson/Nancy Cartwright voice so I can have an audiobook to listen to while reading, which improves retentiveness), so I had to copy-paste in stages, which took ages.

But at least the last sentence rhymed.


Holy Saturday.

Ok, Sunday is the Holy Day.

But Saturday is cool, too.

Saturday reminds me of my childhood
because it was when we got up super early, before 6am. We, that’s my brother, my father, and me. We did the groceries and we drove to a large place where things were affordable and plentiful (“mouthful”). The coronation was having breakfast (eating out of the house) at the “mall’s” restaurant. Then around 9am or so headed back. It was the time when I liked video games a lot, and I collected an awful lot, played a couple, but mostly just amassed them. I was a sucker for video games, but I was also a hoarder of video games. A hunter-gatherer of video games. Oh man 🤦‍♂️.

But Saturday in 2023 is different from a Saturday in the 1990s.

Saturday, Feb 25th, 2023, was when I got up with a 3-hour brain-dump. Obviously influenced by the “Client Acquisition” book by Chris, after only 2 hours of sleep.

So I brain-dumped my thoughts, jotted everything down, and went to bed for another 3 hours to then brain-dump one hour more. Crazy!!

I used Saturday to also do some 👨‍💼 admin work:
  • I wrote about the 5-star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review from voiceover client Elena K. on Voice123
  • I created a graphic showing her testimonial — see below 👇
  • and I created a seperated website:

I read “Client Acquisition” until chapter 7 and then worked on my homepage again so that it feels cleaner and clearer, as documented in my snapshot of the page within this Notion document.

I left the studio then.

Partly walked partly tram-ed home.

Fine-tuned a bit more on, just some tweaks on the the wording, e.g. “political tendencies” and “Bestow your 🦶🦶footprint on the collective zeitgeist,” which took me a while to get right. I’m an obsessive beast, I know. Don’t kill me (yet).

And I wrapped up the day with a good episode of My Name Is Earl (2005–2009), watching “Monkeys in Space” (ep. 14 of season 1).

Then Sunday showed up.


(hear the angels singing)


Feeling whacked from the intensity of the last days, with little sleep and lots of productivity…

I got a whopping 8h51m of night sleep!

I then spent all-Sunday…

Studying the book until the end…

I only said it like this because it rhymes: Question <-> section.

And because…

I hadn’t finished writing the article, but I wanted to finish it and then present it to you in my {Sunday Truth 112}. So also hadn’t sent my {Sunday Truth 112} on Sunday, but today, and today is already Thursday/Friday midnight — well, actually it’s Friday morning already (9:31AM).

And it was when I watched Chris’ [Bonus #3] The Perfect Client-Gettting Website (to be found in the Extra Notes section of my article) when I had a great epiphany that you can see in this snapshot of my, captured in a Notion document.

Inspired by Chris Orzwechowski’s…

Hey, I'm Chris Orzechowski. I help ecommerce brands grow their revenue with email automation...

… so they can get more leverage, have bigger margins, achieve predictable growth, and increase cash flow (without spending more on ads).

and inspired by, where they have a tagline below their logo, a 5-star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating image and a customer quote, which I now have that too :).

I was super hungry that day.

Hadn’t eaten a thing on Sunday.

But still I kept working and I integreted the top-menu bar, which is now part of all relevant sub-pages that I can think of.

I was done with my Sunday workday on Monday morning, 6.50am.

And the rest of the story, this crazy CRAZY ride I’ve had…

I will tell you in 3 days, in {Sunday Truth 112}.

Rest assured…

I wrapped up the day watching My Name Is Earl, that’s for sure, so I can dream about Catalina 😍.

And yes,

All that happened while I was in my sabbatical week, where taking it easy is the suggested “order”, but quite frequently the opposite is the case: I work harder! Funny how things play out sometimes.


In summary:

Yes, it was a great sabbatical!

I’ve been on an absolutely fantastical creative HIGH last week and this week, including today. And the results speak for themselves.

In fact, writing this {Sunday Truth 112} to you took more than 15 hours because of all the things I’ve been trying to document well and deliver to you as part of the truth.

My brain is on fire, and I want to exhaust myself and “exploit” this circumstance (in a positive way) until it’s over, because I know this phase will come to an end at some point and reach a “valley of depression” (German: Tal der Senke).

Have a good one, and lots of love to you and her 🌸.

Bye bye,

- Alex (all i care about here and now is getting enough food into my digestive system so i can audition for voiceover gigs with oomph (!), build up my muscles, and work on my lil| empire with vigor!)

p.s. adventure ⛰️ + i’m winning
p.p.s. wrute drink, oct saber

*I also created Editor’s Cut 2023 of Eric Thomas’ YOU OWE YOU video that you can watch here on my YouTube channel:

And I made an abbreviated mantra-style version of the Editor’s Cut:

A “10/12-Hour Success Mantra Loop: Winners Win 🔱 ☘️💆🏻‍♀️🪬” version of out of Eric’s original source video will follow. I’m currently trying to make a 10/12-hour video work in terms of creating it.

In fact. I found….

The EASIEST, FASTEST, FOR-FREE-EST 12-Hour YouTube Video Creation Tool… Reaper (and it’s a Music creation tool, or DAW).
Using Reaper, I’m currently rendering 12 hours of video content, and the ETA is shown to be 10 hours (right now it shows 7h30m left to go):

With Descript, on the other hand, I never even got to the point of rendering anything, and I only wanted to render 6 hours of video:

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