Alexandre Ruban

February 1, 2022

Releasing two new chapters on

Hello everyone! 👋

I just released two exciting new chapters on! 🎉

In the first one, we talk about Turbo Drive and how it speeds up our Ruby on Rails applications by making all clicks on links and form submissions AJAX requests by default.

In the second one, we talk about Turbo Frames and the Turbo Stream format, which enable us to manipulate independent pieces of the web page without having to write a single line of custom JavaScript.

Turbo Frames expanation.png

We make all the CRUD actions on the `Quote` model happen on the `QuotesController#index` page. It requires only a few lines of code, thanks to the new tools we learn about! By the end of the chapter, we should know all of the rules that apply to Turbo Frames and how to use the Turbo Stream format to manipulate independent pieces of the page!

Next time you will hear from me, it will be with two new chapters: 
  1. How to make real-time updates to a web page by broadcasting Turbo Stream templates through Web Socket (think real-time notifications, for example!)
  2. How to do it securely and avoid broadcasting information to the wrong users

I hope you will enjoy reading those new chapters. If you have any questions about the tutorial's content, feel free to send me an email!

See you soon!

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