Andreas Sigurdsson

December 24, 2021

My ten year cycles

Having some time to reflect in between the Christmas table rounds I realised that my biggest life changes have happened in cycles of 10 years in between:

  • 2001 - I visited Bangkok and my eyes opened up for a world beyond the Swedish goldfish bowl. I quit my focus on athletics and started to spend each summer in Asia. This led my to study in Taiwan 2003 and later a move to China in 2007.

  • 2011 - I went on a bicycle ride through Southeast Asia and fell in love with it, realising my China experience is still valuable outside of China since the influence is everywhere. I learned about Myanmar and a visit in 2012 made me immediately make the jump.

  • 2021 - We got stuck in Sweden due to the Myanmar Military coup and COVID restrictions while visiting during Spring festival. 9 months later we are still here but soon on the way back to Asia. ZADA was started as a new venture, based on an old interest and idea, based out of Singapore targeting Southeast Asia. Who knows what this will lead too...