Andy Nicolaides

November 13, 2021

Blog Envy

Hey, World 👋


I've just gone through yet another blog migration, moving from Micro.Blog to Ghost (again). I was happily posting to Ghost a year or so ago, saw a nice looking blog on and jumped ship. I then sat there, not posting for half a year, before I saw Greg Morris' updated site over on Ghost and my blog envy kicked off again. Let's not even mention how incredible Matt Birchler's Birchtree looks right now!

Greg wrote about this very topic recently. Seeing the post made me laugh a little, because I had the exact same title in my todo app for about a month or so. The differene here is Greg actually got off his butt and wrote about it. Greg's post deviated quite a lot from my own points I'd intended to make, because again Greg spoke about how he'd actually went to lengths to actually work on the new blog and learnt something along the way. My thought was just that everyone has really good blogs and mines rubbish ... 

If you're reading this now, you'd have no doubt seen more posts from me in the past complaining about not having a nice blog, and not knowing what to blog than actual honest go goodness posting. During my migration into Ghost, I started to manually move my posts over, assuming this would take hours of effort. In effect, however, since 2018, I only had about 10 posts that were even worth migrating. Some were just plain bad, but many were reviews and commentary about Apple hardware and software that were just outdated now. Years of overthinking and underdelivering was highlighted to me as clear as day. A few days ago I would have said I'd been running a blog, of one kind or another, for about 3 years. What I've actually done is post a handful of articles that would even have a possibility of being of interest to someone a day or so after posting.

This procrastination, and constant migrations, and blog envy, has cost me 90% of an audience I was likely to have had as well. I've given my Twitter friends a new RSS feed to follow so many times, I'd be almost embarresed to give them another one. I've even been trusted by about 20 people enough for them to give me their email and a permission to invade their inbox by them signing up to my HEY World newsletter / blog that I was sure I'd stick with. Even writing this now, I miss the convenience of posting to HEY World, but I put myself off using it for stupid reasons like 'I don't have my real domain' or numerous other things. The funny thing is, if anyone does follow anything I wrote moving forward, given the type of content I post, I'd bet a large amount of them would follow via RSS. This RSS feed coming for Ghost, or HEY, would make absolutely zero difference to them.

I've done with this post something I very often do, and I've rambled about random points, all whilst missing an overall focus and point of the post. Perhaps that's just my style and people enjoy that, who knows? I guess if I needed to summarise my overall view here it's that if you're a blogger or writer, please don't do as I do. So many of you have given me a piece of advice so many times and it's fallen on deaf ears, but you've all been absolutely correct. This advice is: Don't worry about where your posting and just post. I'd add to this by saying: Don't worry about where you post, where other people post, or what their blogs look like. If someone is interesting in you they will likely be interested in what you write. I've often thought of getting rid of The Dent name, because it often makes me feel it's actually a real blog and I should only post long(er) form posts or a post that is focused on Apple / tech. I own which will make the blog feel more personal, but it's a mouthful so I've left things as they are.

I'm not going to sign off by saying my usual spiel I say after another move, that I will now suddenly start posting more. Once again that's the intention, but this time I'm going to be honest with myself and say that I'm simply going to try my best. What I'm not going to do is worry too much about where I'm posting, what I'm posting, and what other people's blog are like. Let's see where it goes shall we?

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