Andy Nicolaides

March 4, 2021

Hey, World

Hey, World 👋

Well, here it is, my first post on my HEY World blog. Looking at posts that others have shared so far, it seems to be mandatory to use some form of ‘Hello World’ post title and who am I to argue?

We’ve not had to wait long for this feature since it was hinted at / demoed by the HEY team, but I’ve been excited for it nonetheless. I’ve been blogging, on and off, via Micro.Blog and, generally speaking, I've been very happy there. There are, however, a few steps to the process which breaks my flow and ultimately often puts me off writing anything.

I’ve also found the fact I’ve given my blog a name actually impacts how often I blog. I’ve often considered switching to just using another domain I own, instead of, but I’ve not yet made the switch. 

I’m not yet sure if I’ll switch fully to using my HEY World blog or not, as yet, but I’m excited to try it and I’m intrigued if anyone will trust me enough to let me into their inbox. Either way, it’ll be an interesting ride.