Andy Nicolaides

January 16, 2022

How To Be a Better Writer

Hey, World 👋


On writing tips she learnt when writing books, Jodie Cook writes:

Reading as prolifically as you write will make you a better writer. You can’t drink from an empty glass just as you can’t come up with ideas, stories and new ways of seeing old concepts without consistently being inspired. Reading is a perfect muse because it introduces new words, which podcasts and movies are less likely to do.

I’ve written before about wanting to read more so this particular point stood out to me in Jodie’s excellent post, but the whole thing is really worth a read. I had a bit of a look around to see if literally anyone but me, DHH and Jason Fried used HEY World, and I discovered a few really good blogs / newsletters, Jodie’s among it.

Jodie’s written twenty books, in just 9 years, so when she’s willing to share twenty lessons she’s learnt in doing so, it’s probably a good idea to listen. While the tips were originally intended for book writers, they all pretty much apply to blogging also, which may appeal to many of my readers.

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