Andy Nicolaides

October 16, 2021

I Use HEY But I’m Not a Douche, Promise!

Hey, World 👋


If you’re receiving this in your inbox today it may be a bit of a blast from the past. An unwelcome one at that. I’m not posting to address any of the various HEY / Basecamp controversies, however. Suffice to say I completely disagreed, and still do disagree, with Basecamp attitudes and opinions hoisted onto their staff. I can see how many people will likely see me paying for another year of HEY as some kind of hypocrisy or a way of enabling them. It’s not my intention, I just find the service fun. Make of that what you will. I’m fully expecting most of those that left themselves subscribed to this newsletter / blog / hybrid mess to unsubscribe when this lands in their inbox. I completely understand this.

My blogging over the years has been wildly disorganised and sporadic. I’ve come to the realisation (again, I know) that real blogging isn’t for me. I’m going to use HEY World for now as an outlet, as and when the mood takes me, if I have something to say that can’t fit into a Twitter post. That’s all, nothing more or nothing less. Some things may be a newsletter format, some may just be small one off posts. If you don’t mind that and want to stay subscribed, great. If you don’t, and drop off, completely understandable as I said. C'est la Vie!

I’ll just say, on the side of stay with me, the posts will continue to be very sporadic, so you won’t be getting flooded with hundreds of Tweet like posts each day. That being said, I did come here to write something completely different and ended up writing a far longer ‘I’m using HEY but I’m not a douche, promise!’ post instead. I will be sending another small post later as well, but it’ll be a one off, promise!

Thanks for reading this far if you have. If you have any thoughts on the above or fancy just having a go at me for giving arrogant buttholes more money, feel free to reply to this post if you received it in your inbox, or email me.

Stay safe. 

Kind regards,