Andy Nicolaides

October 3, 2022

It’s Okay to Enjoy Your Phone

Publishing is my thing, and the fact I can do it all the time in situations where I might otherwise be bored or scrolling social media should be appreciated.

I like this post by Greg not only because I agree and relate to the the overall message, but also that it’s nice to finally see a post from someone appreciating and looking on the positive side of device ownership. I know negatively and snark sells / gets clicks, but it’s getting increasingly frustrating to keep up with tech, and Apple in particular, commentators who spend thousands of pounds on luxury products and then proceed to saturate their podcasts, blogs, or videos with filler content complaining about every last infinitesimal element of it. These are sought after luxury items, more often than not, but there seems to be so little appreciation for how life changing they’ve become. 

Yes, I understand device / screen time addiction is a real thing which affects a lot of people. I do get that. It is ok, however, to enjoy and embrace these devices from time to time. Scrolling through Twitter or Reddit for a few hours, if you have the luxury of having that kind of time to spend on it, should be embraced if you’re finding some enjoyment out of it. Stop beating yourself up over spending some you time just relaxing and doing what you want to unwind. Enjoy these amazing devices to their fullest. Explore the possibilities of what having a device you enjoy using close at hand can open up for you. As Greg says, you can easily sit in a car and run a successful blog with noting but a phone and an idea or two.

I’ve often written or Tweeted about my ‘iPad lifestyle’ and I’ve made it clear I love the iPad Pro and do use it a lot, but more often than not, I will end up posting something via iAWriter on my phone. With the help of things like Shortcuts, this just gets easier and easier the more you embrace it. I don’t need to find time for blogging as much with that mentality. It’s the same mindset I have with photography. I could go back to using an SLR, if I wanted to, but prefer the convenience of using the small(ish) device always at hand for me.

The iPhone, and other devices, open up a lot of opportunities, not only the negatives a lot of people seem to comment on. Always take the ‘glass is half full’ approach and you will be infinitely more relaxed and positive human being.

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