Andy Nicolaides

January 9, 2022

My Writing in 2022

Hey, World 👋

As we slowly creep into 2022, I've read a few posts about people's plans for their blogs and their writing. Some of these got me thinking a bit about my own writing this year, and some goals or aims I'm going to set myself.

I've said many times in the past that I want to simply write more. To some extent that happened, for some months of the year at least. December saw about 10 posts on the site, which is good for me. As a very small side project, with no intention of ever even considering monetisation, I enjoy the fact I can post very occasionally and have no pressure to anything more. I don't have customers to keep happy, or any kind of following to try and retain. I get a few reads when I post and share it to Twitter. The main point of posting anything is just because I enjoy writing and this gives me a simple, and cheap, way of doing so. I'm going to be realistic this year and not set myself a goal of simply writing more. When I think this way, I either end up posting filler link posts, just to keep content flowing, or I don't post and it just becomes something I try to avoid dealing with rather than just having fun with it.

Instead of posting more I'm aiming to just include more variety in my posting. A big reason for my lack of posting more consistently is my current, and revitalised, love of gaming. I built a gaming PC in the middle of the early stages of the pandemic (before GPU prices went through the roof!) and have been loving it. I've always considered myself a gamersince I was little when we got an Atari ST. While I've had various computers through that time, I've never really got into PC gaming as much as I have right now. Long story short, I'm having so much fun in the evenings playing various games. I've become a bit fixated on competative games like Hunt: Showdown, Halo Infinite multiplayer, Valorant ... the list goes on. I'm enjoying it so much I've been keen to also start blogging about it. As I've already said, my posts already get very low reads, and anything remotely gaming related does even worse. It's for this reason I've always avoided posting more about them, but I'm hoping to change that in 2022. If no one reads the posts I'm no worse off and I've still been able to experience the whole point of keeping a blog, namely sharing my passions and enjoying the process of writing, not the potential attention a popular post may garner. I'm a big believer that, when it comes to indie blogs, people don't follow the content, neccessarily, they follow the writer. I follow a lot of smaller blogs that often post things that don't directly apply to me, but I like the individual posting it and will either skip the post and wait for one more relevant or, more likely, I read the post still because I enjoy getting the views of someone I like on whatever topic they enjoy talking about. You wouldn't, I'd hope, cut off a friend because they decided to talk about something they were interested in, so why would you do the same with a blogger you enjoy? Hopefully this will apply for me as well, if I do start going a bit 'off piste'.


Something else I'm looking to do with the blog is use it to learn a few new skills. You may have seen a few very badlydrawn header / hero images in some of my posts. I've always wanted to be able to draw, and the only way to learn something like this, I think, is to just do it, so that's what I intend to do. I have two Apple Pencil supported iPads, that I use regularly, so I've been doing some sketching and scribbling during the holidays and I've been enjoying it a lot. Chris from Learn Create Share has been a huge inspiration for this in his work, and the fantastic art he includes in his blog posts. I'm not likely to get to that level, but once again it's great fun to play around with and I think adds a lot more character to this site rather than re-using the same Unsplash images constantly (though I will still be doing that!). Hopefully, over the coming months, you will start seeing some improvement in the quality of the images used on the site. For the first time in a long time I'm actually writing this post on my Mac Mini today, so I'm going to be relying on Unsplash again for now, but I fully intend to revist this post this evening and replace the images with some drawings of my own. 

Lastly, and this one is very unlikely to happen, I've always had ambitions of writing a book. I don't think I have the ideas, or skills, to write a full novel at the moment, but I've had some ideas for a short story or two which I may try writing and posting to the blog. Keep your eyes peeled for this one at some point in the year. I'm determined to put something out there in this regard but I need to flesh it out a little bit. My writing, as you can probably tell from the ramlbing approach I often take, is not really planned out in advance. I don't plan a structure for a post, or read over it prior to posting to make edits and improvements. I really should be doing this on a blog post, but it's possible to still post something relatively good without doing so. When it comes to writing a cohesive story, however, I doubt this approach will work. Hopefully, if I do get something worth publishing to the site written, the techniques employed there will help me improve as a blogger also.

Happy New Year everyone. A big thank you for those of you that do follow this site and I hope, one way or another, I will continue to share posts that interest you throughout the year.

Look after yourselves!

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