Andy Nicolaides

March 23, 2021

Reading List Blackhole #1

Hey, World 👋

One of my favourite things to look at in the various newsletters that I subscribe to these days are the links people share, from articles they’d read that week.  These always include well written, fascinating reads which I will often add to my Reading List on iOS.


The issue with this, however, is these links then join a long list of articles I have good intentions to read, but I rarely do. As my friends started producing more and more engaging newsletters I’d often considered starting one myself, to include, as they had done, some of my finds. The issue was, however, that as I say I rarely read them myself. In an effort to tackle this, I thought I’d share a little insight into my bottomless pit of unread articles. This will, at best, encourage me to read them as I’m reviewing them and, at worst, pass the fascinating stories onto you to enjoy instead. That’s a win / win situation in my book. 

I’m not sure, as yet, how regularly I’ll share posts / newsletters like this, but for now please enjoy my non-reading list issue 1.

At the time of writing, the above, and more, are still sitting in my queue. I feel liberated, however, that I’ve at least shared them on for someone else to enjoy while they languish away in my backlog. Let me know if you’ve enjoyed any of them! I’ve got quite an  Books backlog growing now as well. Maybe I should stop typing up reading based blog posts and just get reading … 

Look after yourselves and thanks for reading.