Andy Nicolaides

January 9, 2022

Take Reminders Up a Notch With Remind Me Faster

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I’m on a bit of a ‘new app binge’ at the moment. I’m starting to get bored of using the same apps day in day out. That being said, one app I’m not looking to replace, thankfully, is my todo app. While I’ve dabbled in basically every todo app that’s come to market, I always end up back at Apple’s Reminders app. Along with Apple Notes, Reminders is a fantastic example of a stock app done right. It’s easy to understand and use for everyone, but it has a sprinkling of power user features for a more discerning user.

While I’m a big fan of Reminders, there is one part of the app that’s a bit lacking in my opinion, namely the actual task creation. This is, I’m sure you’d agree, pretty integral to using a todo app. This has always been a slight problem, that is until I stumbled across an app called l, simply, Remind Me Faster, by developer Nick Leith. The app is, actually, 6 years old this year and it’s still being relatively regularly updated which is pretty incredible.

So, what is it? Well, it’s a simple yet highly effective app which does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to set reminders for yourself, but … faster! The app works works with Apple Reminders, and acts as an alternative input method for the service. As you can see from the screenshots below, it’s very simplistic app, but with some wonderfully useful functionality.

Upon opening the app, you’re presented with a simple entry system. This system consists predominantly of a text entry box where you can enter your reminder. The app is free, but with a very small £0.89 investment you can enable some natural language input instead. You can type, for example: ‘Eat some peas every day for a year’, and the app will populate the reminder, pulling out key things from the text entry such as due date or alarm time. You then have some customisable reminder times, which by default are set to 9am, 12 noon and 6pm, but can be changed to whatever you want. Once configured you can literally pop the app open, type in a reminder, and then press a predefined time and date or again choose your own. Once you’ve submitted the reminder it jumps right back to the entry screen, ready to insert the next reminder. By tapping on the list name at the top of the entry screen you can define which list the reminder will be added to.

Remind Me Faster is a free utility, with some nice optional extras available via in-app purchases. You can unlock the natural language entry, nice custom icons, or customise the predefined times. There doesn't seem to be a full unlock option, each new addition is a separate IAP which is, for some reason, a bit annoying to me, but it does let you avoid spending out more for icons you may not want, when you do want one of the other features I suppose.

The app not only streamlines the current, slow method, of inserting a reminder into the default app, it does so with a clean, and simple interface. There are some excellent, very complex apps on iOS and iPadOS, but sometimes I love coming across a very simple app that does its specific job perfectly. If you want an option to quickly enter tasks into Reminders, or a faster way to add many items en masse this is the perfect little utility for you.

Whist I'm very fickle with the apps I use, and am always searching for my next email app, or note taking app, my todo app has been fairly stable for some time now. Reminders works perfectly for my needs, and the fact that it is also a serviceas well as an app means we can get fun little addons to enhance the experience, just like with Remind Me Faster. The best todo service, now even faster!

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