Andy Nicolaides

September 24, 2022

The Apple Watch Ultra Is Not For Me, But I Love It!


I’m not an athlete, by a long shot. I’m not a hiker. I’m not a swimmer. I’m not a diver. In fact, I’m quite possibly as far away from any of those things as you could get. Apple promoted the Apple Watch Ultra as the perfect device for the various Sports enthusiasts that can make use of warning signals, a rugged design, depth tracking, diving computers etc. Yet, as soon as I saw the device shown off a few weeks ago I was in love.

Despite being the antithesis of an athlete, I’ve been wearing an Apple Watch since the very flakey v1 and I’ve loved it since day 1. Despite it’s many short comings. Over the years it’s taken the fitness focus to the Nth degree, yet I still loved it more and more with each iteration. I’ve always purchased one with the intention of going all in on getting fit, it’s just never happened. The Ultra is not likely to change that.

So what about the Ultra has taken me so?


The Apple Watch has always felt too small to me. Even as a child I really liked a good chunky watch. Even when the size increased to 45mm it still felt way too small and delicate to me. Whilst still not huge, the Ultra is a far nicer size for me. It’s not lost within my hairy gorilla arms like the old models were. My previous watch was the Series 5, and I’m not sure how much, if any, the screen technology has changed since that model, but the Ultra screen also seems to bright and vibrant. It does feel like there are larger bezels, however, at least on the Wayfinder watch face.


Speaking of the Wayfinder face, this thing is just perfect. I didn’t buy a stupidly priced watch just for a watch face, don’t worry, but it is a nice extra addition. I’ve always liked using faces that offered the most complication slots,and this face offers a massive 8 and, to me, just looks fantastic. This is my current face below.


Another big factor to me wanting this watch is, to be honest, the fact that I just love tech. The Apple Watch Ultra is the biggest and best (technology-wise) Apple Watch on the market and, having not upgraded for some years, I felt I could justify the spend. The device includes a ceramic back, and titanium frame so, despite the price tag, you do get quite a lot of watch for the price. Something that, I expect, will last me some years to come. The Apple Watch has rarely been a device I upgrade yearly, at least in the last few years, so I think I will stand by this plan.

All in all, my only real justification to myself about buying this watch is that it’s big, beautiful and powerful. It’s a poor excuse, I will only make use of a fraction of it’s abilities but, I absolutely love it!

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