Andy Nicolaides

March 26, 2022

What a Week … [#1]

Hey, World 👋


Since dropping my Ghost blog, once again, due to lack of posting (coupled with an enjoyment of using HEY World) I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a real newsletter. I’ve proven to myself that my consistency with things like this, coupled with a chronic lack of free time (that isn’t filled with games) would prove such a venture a pretty fruitless endeavour … unless I can keep it short and sweet that is.

Taking inspiration from Jason Fried’s ‘Heard Something, Read Something, Saw Something’ series I’m going to aim to share at least a handful of interesting things I’ve enjoyed in the week. The name is … a work in progress. The idea is to offer up a small weekly diversion from the current influx of bad news we seem to get each week. So, without further ado here are the first set of things I’d like to share.


I appreciate I’m edging on fan boy territory at this point, but it’s true to say that I’ve been enjoying quite a lot of the Apple TV+ shows that have been released so far. One big stand out for me, in terms of currently running shows at least, is the fantastic Severance. I’ve not heard a lot of buzz online about this show, unfortunately, but if you have access to Apple TV+ and haven’t watched this show yet, you really need to. I went in pretty cold, without seeing any trailers etc. and I suggest you do the same if possible. I wont even tell you the premise here, but give it a try. You wont regret it. I just hope it does well enough for more seasons, but I can imagine a lot of unanswered questions when the first one wraps up.


I will generally try to recommend a specific article, show, video, podcast episode etc. but for this first edition I wanted to highlight an entire show.

I’ve always been a gamer, but the gaming space has never been richer and more diverse than it has now. I’m finding myself enjoying it more than ever, week to week. I’ve dropped the vast majority of podcasts I used to listen to, which were mainly tech based, but I’ve replaced some of them with more diverse interests. My favourite podcast on gaming, by a country mile, is the Core podcast by Scott Johnson and friends. It doesn’t push the envelope in terms of voices (3 middle aged white guys), but the team are true gamers at heart and share a lot of interesting stories about what they’re playing and important stories in the gaming space. I actually prefer the video edition of the show, though it’s not hugely visual so the podcast version is still a fantastic listen, and well worth your time.


Once again (this week only) I’m again not going to recommend a particular post, but rather an entire newsletter. I did a search recently to see just how dead HEY World is and stumbled upon the personal newsletter of Jodie Cook.

Jodie’s an entrepreneur and author from the U.K. but her posts aren’t really focused on either of these vocations. She’s a prolific poster and, whilst the topics vary from post to post, each and every one is just fantastically written and often insightful and motivating. I would highly recommend signing up to her newsletter. It’s a guaranteed good read every time.

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