Andy Nicolaides

January 6, 2022

Micro Book Review - The Searcher by Tana French

Hey, World 👋 We’re four days into 2022 and I’m one book down in my reading challenge for the year. I’ve been tracking my reading via Goodreads for years, and more recently via Literal and, this year, I’m going to start tracking them via my blog as well by way of some short micro-reviews. Initially, for those of you that want to just ge...
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December 4, 2021

Don’t Read This Article, Read Someone Else’s

Hey, World 👋 That’s a weird headline isn’t it? Why would I want a reader going somewhere else? To read someone else’s work when they could be reading mine? If you saw someone writing that you’d think it’s a bit strange, right? We all want people to see or use the things we make. If this blog was monetised, I’d want people to read it ev...
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December 2, 2021

Making The Most of Content Online

Hey, World 👋 Chris Wilson on dealing with the abundance of new content to read online everyday: “We no longer have to strive to read every great article that is being published, instead we can be selective, knowing that there is more great content out there. When we accept an abundance mindset, we can cope with not reading everything. ...
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December 1, 2021

Indie App Santa is Coming to Town

Hey, World 👋 If you’ve been an Apple person for a while I’m sure you recall fondly the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ promotion Apple ran every December from 2008 until it’s abruptly stopped after it’s ran in 2013. For those of you that don’t remember it, or maybe weren’t even around when it was running (which is a depressing thought) it was a...
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November 29, 2021

Demands on Your Attention

Hey, World 👋 A huge reason, perhaps the reason I've regularly dropped away from blogging has been done to just having nothing to write about. I often wonder how people find so many things to write about, and a drive to blog so frequently. I recently came across a great post from Matt Bircher that not only shared a very interesting top ...
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November 27, 2021

Year in Review 2021: Books

Hey, World 👋 The year 2021 has been a weird one in many ways. As my work life has changed drastically, so has my home and relaxation time. Before COVID took a grip on us all, my day involved a 3-4 hour commute every day. Whilst this took a toll on my soul, not to mention my lower back, it wasn’t all bad. One positive was that, after mo...
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November 24, 2021

Are You The Product?

Hey, World 👋 As the big technology companies we know and lovetoday continue to grow, there are fewer and fewer facets of their businesses and models to differentiate them. Almost all of the huge technology companies today harvest us for our personal data (both knowingly and sometimes even unknowingly to help fund, and enhance, their of...
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November 22, 2021

Less Than 100% is Still Valuable

Hey, World 👋 Whilst I’m on a bit of a streak right now, generally speaking my post writing is fairly limited and restricted. A large part of why that is, is because I constantly tell myself that I just don’t have time. Fairly often this is the case. I have a daughter and dog to look after, a job that keeps me very busy and a household ...
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November 19, 2021

Cortado: Relaxed Reading To Your Inbox

Hey, World 👋 These days, there are a multitude of apps and services to help you both control your email inbox. There is also a trend, currently, for everyone and their dog to put out regular newsletters. There are quite a lot that I love a great deal. Often, these two things are at odds with one another. On the one hand people like to ...
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November 17, 2021

Right To Repair: Be Careful What You Wish For?

Hey, World 👋 Today Apple announced that they will be offering Self Serve Repair starting in the US early 2022 and rolling it out in other territories the following months. Speaking of the announcement, Apple COO Jeff Williams said: ““Creating greater access to Apple genuine parts gives our customers even more choice if a repair is need...
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