Ash Blankenship

March 4, 2021

Creating a writing habit

Developing a writing habit requires that we reduce or eliminate barriers to composing and sharing. Most platforms make this easy, by offering simple compose windows and social aspects where your readers can easily follow you.

I've tried Medium and found that it reduces barriers to posting but my writing was often mixed with thousands of other posts; like a single page in room full of archives. I have a Substack currently and like how users can subscribe to my posts via email. It eliminates barriers to posting, but it's best for longer-form stories that go more in depth. I use my Substack, Autofill, to write about tech issues that I believe are important to know.

Now, HEY, the email platform I recently started using has launched HEY World. This platform allows for blog posts to be shared via email, totally eliminating barriers to creating a writing habit. It allows for email sign-ups, so those who want to can subscribe to my posts.

Overall, HEY World sounds like the perfect platform for creating a writing habit. Email is something we all have with us these days, and while most of us avoid it as much as we can, HEY makes email that doesn't feel like email. It feels more polished and usable. As I previously wrote, it's email for those who hate email. 

That said, I'm looking forward to giving HEY World a try. I hope you'll follow along.