Ash Blankenship

March 8, 2021

My latest book recommendations

Books are like best friends; The types of friends who are selfless and help you succeed.

While I read mostly nonfiction, even fiction has a way of showing us a different world or a new perspective. This is why I am always delighted to discuss books.

Occasionally, I like to share a list of my recently read books.

Recent shutdowns have allowed us to slow down. As a result, I've been reading more than usual. I use Good Books to find recommendations. It's a great resource.

Here's a look at some of my recently read books.

Under a White Sky
Elizabeth Kolbert
  • Under a White Sky is an examination of a threatened natural world, brought about by mankind's selfishness. Kolbert travels the world to tell stories that could have devastating impacts to a species or to our planet as a whole. 

Think Like a Monk
Jay Shetty 
  • Shetty shows you how to find your way by helping you create a world centered around self-compassion and love. Think Like a Monk is your guide to self-awareness, happiness, and success. 

The Practice
Seth Godin 
  • Godin breaks down the barriers to creative work and offers advice for helping you create a success career path. Short and to the point; It's Godin's style. 

Think Again
Adam Grant
  • Grant helps us realize that by unknowing what we assume, we can accept new ideas and ways of thinking. 

Up next on my reading list: 

Do you have recommendations? Reply and let me know!

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