Ash Blankenship

October 15, 2021

🤔 Thought bubble (v2): the new Safari pisses me off

  • As a web designer, the new MacOS Safari update pisses me off! If you’ve updated your Mac’s Safari browser to version 15, you likely noticed the changes. Most noticeable, Safari’s tabs and menu bar pulls accent colors from websites. Perhaps this is to make the browser feel that it’s part of the site itself, a seamless, intuitive experience. However, it makes for a distracting and frustrating experience. The fact that Safari is pulling the accent colors from individual sites and changing the browser’s colors to match could make it confusing for some visitors, as they may think Safari’s icons are part of the site. Fortunately, this feature can be toned down in settings
  • There's nothing wrong with templates. Except when there is. When I was learning to use Webflow, I purchased a template. This allowed me to look through the CSS and site settings and to learn how each section of the site pages was set up. It was helpful to reverse engineer these templates as part of my learning process. For this reason, templates can be beneficial but overusing templates as a way to copy/paste content without any customizations is a quick way to violate an unwritten rule of web design. 

  • Clubhouse may just be the next best social network. I recently signed up for Clubhouse. Looking through the rooms, I found a few no-code and Webflow options. As a live audio app, having conversations in the moment is a vast improvement over scrolling through endless feeds. This may be the best way to meet new folks online who share similar interests. If you haven't signed up for Clubhouse yet, give it a try.