Ash Blankenship

November 9, 2021

🤔 Thought bubble (v3): What is "pro" anyway?

This is a series I call Thought Bubble. It's a brief collection of ramblings related to my no-code work and maybe a few other topics mixed in. If you haven’t already, subscribe to get these posts (and all others) in your inbox.

  • What is "pro" anyway? I sat anxiously at my desk as I watched Apple's recent keynote that introduced the new Macbook Pro machines. My credit card was ready to lock in a pre-order. That was until I saw the notebooks and their prices. Normally I'm willing to pay more for Apple's "pro" devices but since the launch of the M1 chip, pro devices don't seem necessary. Instead of placing a pre-order for a new Macbook Pro, I bought a Mac mini, my first M1 machine. And I couldn't be happier. It's by far the most powerful computer I've owned and it does everything I need it to do, without compromise. I'm happy with my choice. But what about client meetings? I can't take my Mac mini with me, but my new iPad Air fills that gap. 

  • More powerful analytics. Just when I thought Fathom Analytics couldn't get any better, the privacy-focused analytics company released an update that allowed me to block my own IP address so I'm not counted as a site visitor. I was also able to block specific countries from showing in my analytics dashboard. Both of these features come in handy, and all without user tracking and cookies. Just love! 

  • Heavy cream for my coffee ☕️. I recently discovered the great flavor of coffee with a splash of heavy cream. I don't think I'll ever go back to whole milk.