Ash Blankenship

October 5, 2021

🤔 Thought bubble: will no-code lead to job loss? And more.

Here's a little something I'm trying—thought bubble. It's a brief collection of ramblings related to my no-code work and maybe a few other topics mixed in. 

Here's the first: 

  • I once feared that no-code could lead businesses (aka, future clients) to build their own websites. But as no-coders, our jobs are no yet on the chopping block. While no-code means we can build sans code, it still requires specific skills. We’re not so easily replaceable after all. 

  • I visited family recently and traveling didn’t require that I request time off or even tell my clients. My work went with me and I didn’t miss a single task. How grateful I am to have a job that allows me such freedom! 

  • MailChimp is being sold to Intuit for $12 billion. The popular email marketing company was bootstrapped. Just a reminder that as no-coders, freelances, or sole proprietors, we don’t need funding. With time and hard work, we can grow a profitable business. 

Thoughts? Ideas? Hit reply and let me know.