Ash Blankenship

November 17, 2021

Why I don't compete for anything


I'm not a competitive person. 

If you want to get ahead of me, be my guest. I'm okay with being second or third, or even tenth. I don't strive for perfection. 

It seems that we're competing more than ever these days. For likes, views, shares, social capital, venture capital. But I've learned to be okay with not being "the best" or the "most funded" or receiving the most likes on social media. You'll never hear me say, "My tweet went viral." 

Try as you might and you'll still die trying. If you're a competitive person, you'll die competing. It's never ending. 

I have not given up trying and failing, and trying again, but I have given up trying to win or to be the best at something. And I've found peace in this. 

In fact, I'm more at peace because of this.